Verizon Kin Two Accessories: Body Glove Rubber Snap On Cover

Do you own the Microsoft Verizon Kin Two smartphone? Well if you do have you thought about protecting it from the elements.

Well if you head on over to the Verizon Wireless website you will be happy to know they have the ‘Body Glove Rubber Snap On Cover’ on sale for only $29.99, we have tried looking online for cheaper ones but cannot find them

Verizon’s website says that this snap on cover will keep your Samsung KIN Two protected and accessible, this stylish case offers an ultimate fit, glove material for added grip and textured appeal and rapid release swivel clip for instant access.

If you can find this case cheaper please do let us know, if you already own this case for the KIN Two please send in your personal reviews as this will help other readers decide if they want to buy it or not. Please do send in your reviews on the Microsoft KIN Two as well right here.


5 thoughts on “Verizon Kin Two Accessories: Body Glove Rubber Snap On Cover”

  1. Robert Hyland says:

    Some better accessories for Microsoft Kin users:

    -A calendar (Kin doesn't have one)

    -And address book (As Kin can't import addresses from non-Microsoft sources)

    -A pen and paper, as Kin can't copy-and-paste, so you'll have to use the pen and paper to copy things from a web page into an email.

    1. ignore rob's post says:

      it also has address info, birthday, anniversary etc in the contacts. Not much left out here! All these Kin haters out there for no reason. Enjoy your expesive data plans I wifi with my Kin.

      1. Calm down says:

        Chill people. The original kin didn't have a calendar, calculator, and some other stuff. They included these features when they released the "m" series kin phones. Also, more appropriately for this article, the body glove case is on sale for 9.99 on verizon's website right now.

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