Android 2.1 Accounts for Third of Android Market Access

It’s not very often Google updates the Android platform chart but apparently they have done so and the latest update shows that Android 2.1 sporting mobile phones have access the Android Market the most.

According to the article over on android developers the chart shows “the relative number of active devices running a given version of the Android platform.”

It does state though that the data was gained by the number of Android devices which have accessed the Android Market in a period of 14 days, so doesn’t really mean that other Android versions aren’t accessing the market just as much although maybe not in that same time period.

I have to say though that I still use a T-Mobile G1 which runs Android 1.6 and to be honest I don’t actually access the Android Market a great deal, but soon I’ll be getting an upgrade and depending on what smartphone is available maybe I’ll pick up an Android 2.1 device and access the Market more.

Found via Gizmodo

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