Mobile Phone Auto-email Generator from NTT DoCoMo Video demo

Last week during the Wireless Technology Park 2010 exhibition a new automatic email generator was showcased by NTT DoCoMo which apparently can take 3 words of input, spoken or typed and covert them into a an anatomically correct email.

According to the article over on diginfo.tv, if the user puts in words such as “ten minutes” and “late” the new system uses user information to automatically generate an email which includes those words and the system can actually discern that the word “late” is in reference to time.

Apparently the system also depends on the type of person the user is and the type of recipient of the email and thus generates an email accordingly whether the user is a company employee or school student and whether the recipient is a customer or friend, all very technical.

Of course we have the video demo for your viewing pleasure below, and it explains things far better than I could, so I’ll stop there and let you check out the two and a half minute video which can be found below, mash play, enjoy and let us know what you think by dropping us a comment.

Found via Engadget

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