iPhone 4G Build Up: What would you call it?

The iPhone 4G build up is immense and quite astonishing when you think about it, everyone is searching for more and more information on this new Apple smartphone.

There are a few names for the next-generation Apple iPhone and these names already mentioned are iPhone 4G, then there is the iPhone HD, some have said why don’t Apple simply call it the iPhone.

No one knows for sure what the name will be, all we hope for is that it will launch at WWDC 2010 June 7-11, we published an article earlier titled ‘iPhone 4G Release Date with Verizon June 21: True or False?’ so at least there is a little hope of Verizon getting the new device.

Apple apparently has put an order in for 10-million CDMA units, with all the above said there should hopefully be a new iPhone 4G and new Verizon CDMA iPhone. Lets wait and see shall we!

Whilst we sit back and wait for the official announcement from Apple, please let us know what you would call the new iPhone. What would you call the new Apple device?

APPLE iPHONE ???? (fill in the missing blank)

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