LG Ally on Verizon Gains Full Review on Video

We have a full review of the Big Red’s Iron Man 2 smartphone the LG Ally for your viewing pleasure today which can be located below and delivers almost thirteen minutes of reviewing goodness.

The LG Ally full review video comes to us courtesy of Noah Karvitz over at phone dog; who has had about a week’s playtime to get to know the Android packing LG Ally smartphone and Noah says in a nutshell the LG Ally is decent.

Spec wise the LG Ally, which was recently unboxed by Noah and can be viewed (here) offers up Android 2.1 OS with Google, 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen, 600 MHz processor, 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus, flash and dedicated camera key, slide out QWERTY keyboard, ad a 3.5mm jack.

So what does Noah think about Verizon Wireless’s Iron Man 2 LG Ally handset? Well the best way to find out is to head on down to the video, hit the play button and check it out…enjoy.


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