Why has Tweetie 2 iPhone App Vanished from Store?

Something strange is happening on the Apple App Store, for some unknown reason the Tweetie 2 iPhone App has vanished and no one knows why really, well we do sort of!

MG Siegler via TechCrunch (Credit to Stephen) has said it is likely going to return as “Twitter For iPhone”, why did Apple pull it from the store? Well Tweetie 2 is now owned by Twitter and we can see them bringing out their very own version (Named above).

We already mentioned a few days back that Twitter has acquired Tweetie and will rename the app to “Twitter For iPhone”, all we need now is the new app to go live on the App Store or there will be many disappointed customers, and that is not what Apple needs at the moment.

Apparently there is an iPad version in the works as well; we will keep you posted with the Twitter for iPhone app release and when it will be available.

Will the new app have more features; will it be a lot different to Tweetie 2? So many questions need answering.

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