Google I/O: Android Syncing Online Music Streaming Via mSpot

Word has it that a firm known as mSpot wants to get ahead in the game of music streaming before Apple makes their next move towards music streaming as reported previously (here)

According to an article over on Zdnet, penned by Sam Diaz, mSpot will debut their streaming music service during Google I/O today and apparently for its initial month the service will be private and invitation only beta but will go public the following month.

mSpot’s streaming music service syncs a user’s music library to the cloud whereby they can access their library through and Mac or PC just like web-based email and the service will also sync with mobile phones running the Android platform and they say more platforms will be added soon.

The free version of the service only allows 2GB of music to be stored on the cloud, but mSpot is apparently planning on offering a premium service which offers 10GB for $2.99 and 20GB for $4.99 and a possible unlimited storage plan somewhere along the line.

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