Apple close Lala music streaming to make room for version of iTunes?

It has been revealed that Apple will be closing Lala the online music streaming service that it acquired in December on May 31st, according to an article over at pcadvisor.co.uk

This is rather sudden as they only acquired Lala for a price which has remained undisclosed just five months ago. So could this imply that Apple really are serious about opening a web based version of iTunes software based storefront on the Lala platform.

There is some speculation that Apple may be preparing to announce a web based version of iTunes this June during the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple have never revealed why they bought the company or what they intended to do with the service however, the purchase has prompted wide speculation that Apple will introduce a cloud based version of iTunes.

Lala allowed users to upload your own music library in order for you to access your music content from a web based interface. Also you could listen to a song one time for free, and then purchase web only non downloadable versions of singles for $0.10 per song. Lala is no longer allowing new customers, US residents that already have a Lala account can still use the service until May 31st.

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