Microsoft KIN Two gets Torn Down

One of Microsoft’s latest social networking handsets, the KIN One has now been given the teardown treatment, ripping the little bugger apart so everyone interested can see what’s going on inside as we all want to know how they make these things don’t we.

According to the article by iFixit’s Andrew Bookholt, they partnered Chipworks to perform the Microsoft KIN Two teardown and on disassembling the social slider that the NVIDIA Tegra processor was hidden behind a Nunonyx package with Chipworks verifying its existence by Xray.

The Microsoft KIN Two innards also have a variety of silicon components from the likes of Texas Instruments supplying the WLAN and power manager, Qualcomm supplies the CDMA radio, Samsung the NAND, touch digitiser supplied by Synaptics, Sony does the camera, while amplifier and GPS come by way of Avago.

Apparently though iFixit didn’t find anything amasing with the Microsoft KIN Two electronics and say that the handset sports an easy to change battery and that judging by its keyboard Microsoft is targeting the 12 year olds who love to text.

Via arstechnica

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