Google I/O Conference 2010: iPad Beats Android at App Loading

When you do a demonstration as a conference and decide to use a rival device to show off how good your own device is, you can expect some embarrassment if that rival device actually beats the hell out of your device in the process.

Well according to an article over on i4u by Robert Evans, this is what happened at Google I/O conference 2010. Apparently the demonstration team demonstrating modern tech presentation memory set up side by side an Android phone and the Apple iPad to display the loading of a new app.

Imagine the red faced embarrassment of the Google guys when not only did the Apple iPad populate and load quickly but the Android phone took ages to load the app, long pause of silence ensuing as faces turn red no doubt.

Foe several agonising seconds the camera zoomed in fully on the successful Apple iPad showing it next to a stalled Android flagship handset, and apparently the reason the Android phone took such a long time to load was due to clogged WiFi…mhmm, I can envisage Apple working on a suitable TV commercial right now.


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  1. Azrael_Rose says:

    Oh dear. Tabloid ‘journalism’ at its finest. Reporting hearsay as fact is not now and will never be OK.

    As to the actual content; oh noes, a 1GHz processor custom designed in parallel with the OS it’s running ‘beat’ a generic CPU running a generic OS at half the clock rate. Good thing the point of the demo wasn’t a time-to-finish race then, huh? Except you wouldn’t know any of this from the article up there because it’s apparently OK to assume a rumour from a third party is not only factually correct but also entirely unbiased.

    And, for those of you who wanted to know what was really going on: The demo was one of interoperability; that a website coded with Google’s newly updated tools could function on a macbook, in Chrome on a W7 laptop (a Toshiba I think), on the iPad and in the Android browser. And, even better, perform live updates from device to device more-or-less simultaneously.

    Which is exactly what happened.

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