HTC Desire Accessories: Dual Desktop Charger with a Twist

If you own the HTC Desire and would like some cool accessories to go with it then might we suggest this product, it’s the Dual Desktop Charger with Spare Battery Slot for only $29.99.

HTCPedia is now selling this HTC Desire accessory but we must say they sell fast; the last time we looked they only had 15 units left. This dual desktop charger will allow you to sync and charge the Desire and it will even charge a spare battery using any USB-enabled computer, or electric outlet.

It is a simple device and all you need to do is connect the USB cable provided to any PC or laptop and that’s it. You will not that you can put a spare battery in the cradle, which is a good addition. The cradle features red and green LED lights, when it is green it means the power is connected and fully charged and when it is red it means it is charging the spare battery.

When you purchase this product you will find in the box a Dual desktop charger for HTC Desire, mini-USB wall charger and mini-USB cable.

If you already own the Dual Desktop Charger with Spare Battery Slot could you please send in your personal reviews, this will help other readers decide if they should buy or now. If you would like to send in personal reviews about the HTC Desire, or you would like to chat about problems, apps and accessories, please do so right here.

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