iPhone 4G Accessories: Cases Show Up in China

Okay so the next generation iPhone hasn’t exactly been officially revealed as yet, but most have a rough idea on what the device is going to look like thanks to a certain website that leaked the iPhone 4G prototype pictures to the net.

Now, usually we’d say that when smartphone accessories start popping up then you can expect the actual phone to hit fairly soon after; however there are those occasions when what looks to be a particular phone’s accessory hits the net in visual form without any real evidence the accessory is available.

Such is the ‘case’ this time as the guys over at engadget by way of hardmac, have posted what appears to be iPhone 4G hard cases in four colours, the source says they received the image form one of their contacts in China.

Apparently the iPhone 4G hard case manufacturer is Shenzhen Soonleader Electronic Co, and they do look quite similar in shape to the leaked images of the iPhone 4G we’ve already seen. Apparently the cases are ready to ship but no word as yet on just how much they may cost.

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