New iPhone 4G in White update and more pictures

We reported yesterday the possibility of the new iPhone 4G / HD being available in both Black and White which you can see here if you missed it previously. Now we have some more pictures and information on the same theory.

Originally the story came following the leak of a white front panel of the iPhone which suggested that maybe Apple were considering to offer the device in both Black and White, now according to a recent post from Skipper Eye over at Redmondpie.com we have the update for you.

Some further renderings have appeared in full White colour for the new iPhone 4G / HD which will give a better indication as to what the real thing may look like in the White version.

Most people tend to have that Marmite thing going on with the flat design on the new iPhone you either love it or you hate it. It would seem that the preferred variant is the rounded corners as seen on the iPhone 3G / 3GS. Whichever way you look at these pictures you’ll have to agree it is pretty amazing to say the least.

We are expecting Apple to unveil the next generation iPhone for general availability during the annual WWDC 2010 which is on June 7th, it is also expected that the iPhone OS 4 will be released during the same event.


2 thoughts on “New iPhone 4G in White update and more pictures”

  1. Andrew says:

    What is it with people and the rounded edges. I've never liked the rounded edges, it made the phone hard to hold and so easy to drop plus it looks old fashioned. Much in the same way as I don't like the look of the samgung "let's make it look like a japanese sports car" phones. Let's get some 80's retro styling back in. I'm due for an upgrade so I might actually buy an iphone as I have never owned one. Just my opinion. AH

  2. Scotty. says:

    I have never owned an iphone, and was never really keen to own an iphone, but after playing around with my mate's 3Gs i am pumped to wait for the new 4G. So far it looks great, has great rumored features. I hope the release date is soon here in Australia.

    On the subject of the rounded edges and the addition of the flat back on the new iphone. I dont think it will be an issue as most people will use some sort of cover.

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