LG Ally Iron Man 2 Phone Release Delayed

For all you LG and Iron Man 5 fans out there, your wait for grabbing the LG Ally smartphone will continue for a short while longer as apparently for unknown reasons the release of the LG Ally has been delayed.

According to an article over on Engadget by Chris Ziegler, the Android 2.1 toting LG Ally was supposed to hit Verizon earlier this week but hasn’t and the Big Red website still has the LG Ally up for pre-order which have been extended till the 26th of May with availability on the 27th.

Word is those that have already pre-ordered the Iron Man 2 tie-in device are receiving emails letting them know about the delay and that they will be the first to get the handset on or after May 27.

No explanation as to why the LG Ally release has been shoved back but it could be supply problems, software issues or any number of other reasons, but at least the delays isn’t too long to wait.

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