LG Ally Iron Man 2 Phone Demonstrated by Marvel: Video

The latest smartphone to be garnering some attention from the LG camp is the Iron Man 2 tie-in device the LG Ally, and today we have a video for your entertainment whereby Marvel demonstrates the LG Ally.

The video demonstration is done by Marvel.com editor Agent_M ay LG’s augment reality event in New York, and comes to us courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile, and the video which can be viewed below runs for just over two and a half minutes.

If you are deep into the Iron Man thing you’ll get to see some of the props featured in the Iron Man 2 movie and you learn about Iron Man’s chest light.

As you probably know the Android 2.1 packing LG Ally is on Verizon Wireless and features an Iron Man 2 augmented reality application. Well folks, that’s about it, I’ll let you check out that video demonstration now…enjoy.

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