Motorola Droid 2 Shadow, Is This It?

There have been a few rumours in the past that the next Droid handset from the Motorola camp could possibly be the Motorola Shadow, well it seems an unidentified Motorola Droid device has now stepped out of the shadows to grab a little limelight.

Apparently over at Howard Forums they have posted a picture of the set-up guide for a new Motorola Droid phone in the Motorola Shadow pre-release thread, and of course the speculation is could this actually be the Motorola Droid Shadow.

Rumours surrounding the Droid 2 or Motorola Shadow which should head for the Verizon Network will pack a 4.3 inch touch screen along with an 8 megapixel camera and 720p video capture with further rumour that if could launch on the Big Red network as early as July.

A single picture showing the new Motorola Droid device with Verizon branding doesn’t really reveal much in the way of any other detail but it is possible the handset could be running an updated version of MotoBlur which has reportedly been slated for the Motorola Shadow. So what do you think, could this be the Motorola Shadow Droid 2?

Found via Gizmodo.

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