Sony Ericsson Satio Review, Problems and Questions

We are calling out to all Sony Ericsson Satio owners, we would love to hear from you if you own this handset as we want you to send in your personal reviews, problems and of course any questions you wish to ask about your handset.

This smartphone has been out on the market a while now so it would have given you plenty of time to get to grips with it, use it and of course you will now know what you think of it. We have many readers coming daily who would love to know if this handset is good or bad and they would love to read what your thoughts are about this device.

The Sony Ericsson Satio was named the Idou and is a nice mobile phone with a very good camera, we could give you our personal review and we will within time but it is you the consumer that knows best. It is ok us giving you our personal opinion but we are one, there are thousands of you that owns this phone and your reviews count the most.

So please if you would like to send in your personal review, opinions, and any problems that you are encountering and of course and questions you would like to ask please do so in the comments area below.


100 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Satio Review, Problems and Questions”

  1. benicio says:

    i cant access to our wi-fi zone in our house,even on my friends house who has wi-fi..how can i able to access my satio so i can use it on searching the net?..anyone?!..tnx in advance!!!

    1. Anoop says:

      Try changing the WiFi settings..
      Goto Main menu->Settings->Connectivity->WiFi->Options->Settings->Options->Advanced Settings
      Now it will ask whether to continue, choose 'Yes'.Change the settings like these given below:

      Automatic Configuration: Disabled
      Long Retry Limit:4
      Short Retry Limit:7
      RTS Threshold: 2347
      TX Power level:100mW
      Power Saving: Disabled

      My sen-SATIO-n's WiFi worked well after entering these settings and i hope it will work for you too:)

  2. angel says:

    I’ve used this phone for quite some time, and I’ve found that this phone is actually great! the image quality from the camera is indeed brilliant for a camera phone with 12 megapix quality, the internet surfing is great, I would say it is worth buying……but u have to make sure that u bought the original ones that is…..

  3. Mozy H says:

    I love my fne! Had it for over a month now. luv the cam – crystal clear pictures so no getting away without foundation ladies lol. na love it. also appreciate the lens cover on the fne which keeps the camera lens clean. really fussy with things like these so really grateful it has this. also like the fact a green light flashes when ever u have a missed call or message. so u can just see from far if anyone has remembered u.
    i also do have problems with the wi-fi. i recognises it but still it needs to use my Orange internet to connect which i dont understand. is it meant to do that? also battery life is very poor. one other thing is that it requires alot of care – gets dirty or smudgy really quick even with clean hands. i still have the screen film it comes with on.
    i hope this helps people decide if they think it is good. i overall would say im glad i got this fne. no regrets. every fne has downsides but satios advantages definately weight more. I love my fne!!!! 🙂

  4. Anoop says:

    Satio is a good phone indeed. Has all the features like 12mp, Wvga recording, Face recognition,etc,etc, and the list goes on. Its a better alternative to your old digicam btw. Still waiting for the hd recording in this phone, maybe the next firmware update has it. I recommend everyone to update their sen-SATIO-n to the latest firmware and see the difference…8)

  5. Anoop says:

    One of the Very best from SE…My Bro bought this last November and it was not bad except with the WiFi which kept on disconnecting after 5sec. or so. But changing some settings inside the connectivity menu fixed that and there was no turning back. With each update the phone was shining even more brightly. With the last update it even got WVGA recording, face recognition,etc,etc, and better camera optimization. The Satio is all in all a sen-SATIO-nal mobile device. I am eagerly waiting for the next update for the phone with even more features…fingers crossed…

  6. auntienai says:

    i been using my satio for 6months now, its great but i find sometimes when its on standby half the screen goes dark tnan the other.

  7. Ronald says:

    I have the Satio for 3 weeks now, Did the latest firmware update, loaded some apps to manage memory and it is a good phone. Ripped some dvds to mp4 and everything works smoothly . no problems, no freezing etc. Also cant wait for the next update. Works way quicker than N97 that a friend has!

  8. anudeep says:

    the phones camera and internet browsing are amazing but the battery life can be improved if there is limited camera usage. users need to understand that the phone had a high performance camera which captures images with outstanding resolution and that rquires usage of a considerable amount of power from its battery. just compare the battery life of sony digital cameras and other digital cameras battery lives u ll get an idea as to what i mean. if the user uses the camera only when needed then he will be satisfied with the battery life but usually ppl are excited when its new and take loads of pictures with its camera and judge its battery. but yes like ithers i colpletely agree that the symbian os is very poor its spoiling the reputation of se phones. i hope se scraps symbian os in its phones for good

  9. james says:

    The satio is a good phone with a fantastic camera ans surfs the web well, you just got to remenber its not an iphone that everyone tries to compair it to, as the iphone ia a mass of applications oh and you can use it as a phone as well.

  10. SOLIDSS says:

    When I capture a video and play it i cant hear the sound it is too low i must connect a handsfree to be the ok,

    should i carry my handsfree everytime i want to capture a video ,they should solve it in the next update

  11. Stuart says:

    Apart from the Camera, my Satio has been a disaster!!! First it wouldn't sync with my mac, geotag pics or use Wifi. Had an update which cured the isync plug in and Wifi. Still wouldn't geotag so had another update. Then it wouldn't use Wifi or sync with the Mac (after the update wiped the memory) but did geotag. To add insult to injury there isn't a software update for the Mac so I have to take the shed of a phone into Carphone Warehouse.

    Praise where its due thou, I got this phone because Sony had brought Minolta and I thought the camera was going to be good. I was right, bit slow maybe and the processor cant keep up sometimes but the picture quality is good and fits in your pocket when u don't want your SLR with you. Video is really good. But really the rest of this phone is just dreadful.

  12. Michael says:

    These are some updates that need to be added.
    * Upgrade to symbian^3 (the x10 is getting android 2.1, also the Satio doesn't utilize symbian^1 properly; also this could help you compete against the nokia n8 which has a 12mp camera)
    ** HD recording (the x10 is getting HD recording why not the Satio it has the required cpu to handle HD recording, this would also help you compete agianst the nokia n8)
    1) Kinetic scrolling throughout the whole UI
    2) Give Vivaz home screen
    3) Media search function in media player
    4) Make phone louder (loudspeaker when receiving call, when playing music out loud)
    5) Auto continuous focusing whilst recording
    6) Better picture quality e.g. sharpness, less compression and faster camera menu
    7) Auto change to full qwerty mode if you make you phone landscape from alphanumeric mode
    8) Integrated EQ in media player (allowing you to manually set your EQ: up all SE's had this)

  13. Michael says:

    6) Better picture quality e.g. sharpness, less compression and faster camera menu
    7) Auto change to full qwerty mode if you make you phone landscape from alphanumeric mode
    8) Integrated EQ in media player (allowing you to manually set your EQ: up all SE's had this)
    9) Fix the screen lag that some people have (screen tearing), this is due to the software
    10) Fix clock problem (clock losing time)
    11) Proper zoom in media (When you zoom the photo enlarges but does not fill the whole screen! why?)
    12) Upgrade the web browser to V7
    13) Add smart search to dialler (previous SE phones had it)
    14) Improve microphone quality (video/sound recording is very quiet)
    15) Ability to play HD films on phone; also divx/xvid support
    16) RDS in radio.
    17) Change volume level and tracks whilst the phone is locked.
    18) updated Java and Flash Player.
    here is a petition: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/satio-softwar
    here is more requests: http://talk.sonyericsson.com/thread/1140?tstart=0

  14. Amanda says:

    I have had a Satio for over 6 months now, and I cant tell you how much I hate this phone. The camera to be fair is exceptional but the rest of the phone is complete rubbish. It freezes all the time, I am no techy, but its as if the phone cant keep up with what you are instructing it to do. Its not at all user friendly and everything just takes ages to do. The battery runs out in no time at all too. I would love to hurl this phone off a cliff, but seeing as though I've got another 12 months on the contract it looks like I'm stuck with it. I could consider selling it, but I would feel too guilty for spreading the misery of owning a Satio.

    1. Ian says:

      I feel exactly the same Amanda. They didn't publish my comment unfortunately.
      It hasn't been tested enough prior to release to the market.
      Simply the worst phone produced by Sony Erisson.

      1. Wil says:

        I agree also, had to send 4 pones back to Orange as my Satio would freeze or just be really slow. I would also lose an average of 10 minutes off of my clock time every month. A fantastic camera but if you want a phone that actually does what you want it to, justbuy yourself a camera and get yourself an Iphone. I have been lucky enough to escape from my 18 month contract as even Orange agreed that the phone was having major problems around the world! They kindly gave me a new phone. If you have a Satio – grab a hammer and smash it to pieces!

    2. Maria says:

      I totally agree….the best thing about this phone is the camera and that's it!!!!! Its far to slow to respond (especially for someone like me who has zero patience). Since I've had the phone (March 2010) I've had nothing but the following problems:
      phone freezes when in the middle of something
      tells me I can only make emergency calls when I have full reception
      cuts off in the middle of a call
      dials the number, then decides its doesnt want to connect
      doesnt respond quick enough, then does everything really quick as if its on crack!!

      This phone has been nothing but drama and a burden in my life, when my upgrade is due, I cannot wait to hurl this phone into the Thames, I wouldnt even give it to my worst enemy. NEVER EVER GET THE SATIO!!!!!!!!!

  15. Faheem says:

    have just downloaded game "ghostbusters" but keeps asking me to change screen mode??? have tried turning phone but still will not work, I agree you need to keep getting updates to keep phone running well.

  16. Missy says:

    Can someone help me, I have had the new Phone for just over two months, I have uploaded all the tracks I had on my Sony W980 (why did I upgrade, I am now asking myself). The Phone for all of its 8gb is now full and the Memory card has next to no memory.

    It is asking me to delete Folders, but with our IT guys, I have deleted all that is not locked to the Phone.

    I know you can buy a 16gb card and this must be my only or next option.

    The instruction leaflet is nigh on useless. how do i update it without losing over 1 thousand odd tracks, phone contacts etc? help

  17. Tareq says:

    I guess that is the satio is a great phone i have it from 2 months it was so so great web explring and the camera was 12 mp it was …wow a very great camera and the mobile face is so nice and it's with the gprs and the google maps and it haved a great spekars sound and u can put 16gb memory card .
    So i guess it is a great mobile and the sony ericsson is a good company.

  18. Ian says:

    I have had this phone for 9 months now. Have to say I'm on my second unit in that time.
    I loved Sony Erisson phones before this. When I say the Satio is unparalled in the industry, I'm not being kind. It's definitely the worst phone they or possibly anybody has produced. The battery life is apalling. the software, I feel, has not been tested thoroughly enough to be released on to the market.
    My first Satio regularly dumped contacts after a call had been ended, It did not recognise phone numbers of directory entries when they phoned. The software generally is fundamentally flawed.
    I sent my fist unit back after just three months, only to recieve a so called, NEW phone with worse software than the first, and also to find it now has all the same problems and more as the first unit.
    I feel that Sony Erisson have used the market to proove this phone and used the customers as guinea pigs to save money on research. it should have been with-drawn or not relaesed at all.

  19. kim says:

    I hate this phone…had nothing but problems since i got it….keeps saying emergency calls only and then insert sim…when sim is already in it…its away to be repaired but hopefully they cant fix it cos i dont want it back!!!!

  20. edward green says:

    this phone is no good for sound playback on vidio what a joke 12.1 and theplay back sound of a 60s trany radio oops sony you have got this one wrong !!!

  21. edward green says:

    I have this phone and the most important thing to me ! is if i shoot a video i have poor sound. how could they miss this main feature on a media based phone. .as I am a guitar player wishing to record songs for utube. is there any way i can boost the playback sound ? or is there a better phone to use than this one . mybe …

  22. Jordann says:

    THE PHONE IS GREAT 1 problem, i turned it off at one point. and now it won't turn on. it goes to the opening screen that says sony ericsson when you turn it on. that's it! i've tried letting the battery run out and everything. any way to like factory reset it or something?? please help it's killing me using a nokia

  23. swrphome says:

    I had just acquired Satio a week ago, I thought I am the only one experiencing problem with it AUDIO QUALITY on video recording, and when I googled and found this site, I am both surprised and disappointed that there is really a problem with its audio quality… My old Cybershot 3.2 mega pixels is far far better in term of capturing audio sounds during video recording.

    I am very disappointed. Is there a fix on this (like audio boost software) or this is really a hardware problem?

  24. LOve says:

    MY satio wont zoom in on pictures , it says phone memory to low , delete files from phone memory " I did that and all my files are on the memory card. Yet it still wont zoom in ! anyone else have this probelm ? i think it was the update cuz everything was working properly until i updated … gggrrrr e-mail me please ! psyknight74@yahoo.com

      1. andrea neskovic says:

        I hade the same problem, the thing is when you are transfering pictures and music with the blutooth it automaticly saves everything in your message inbox, which is on the phone memory. You have to delete thees messeges and thereby your problem will be solved.

      2. andrea neskovic says:

        I hade the same problem, the thing is when you are transfering pictures and music with the blutooth it automaticly saves everything in your message inbox, which is on the phone memory. You have to delete thees messeges and thereby your problem will be solved.

  25. Roy King says:

    I have had my satio since Jan 2010 and in the last 3 months it had got progressively worse. The list of issues are as follows;

    1, It decides to have a rest occasionally, i.e it switches itself off then back on which i find out later that it is waiting for my pin.
    2, It ignores me! I ask it to play some music or something else and it doesn't, then 5 mins after you've given up it'll suddenly be sat on the table blasting music out of it's own accord.
    3, It refuses to connect to the wifi or 3G networks till you persist for about 3 times.
    4, The alarm clock…. Well how many times can you blame your alarm not going off before someone starts to be a bit sus??? Fully charged, properly set(6.20 every workday) yet it had failed to go off!!! Why???
    5, Battery…… Need i say more!

  26. Roy King says:

    Have taken the phone into O2 for repair last Thursday, and have since been onformed that it has been repaired (That was Thursday, It was being sent to store on Saturday morning) Told it's had a software update(???) which i had tried about 3 times before, and the facia has been changed. I have made a note of the imei number so we'll see if it's the same phone…
    It has been far from a smooth ride owning this phone, maybe the name was mis-spelt and instead of the 'a' it should have been 'hi'. I think it would have been a much better name

  27. kittykat says:

    This phone is no goood it just always freezes and breaks and no i drop it oo anything only ha it a year nearly and im on my 5th one thank god for insurance 🙂 x

  28. Lesley says:

    My son loved his satio up untill about a week ago when now it will not send a text message..the messages go straight into the outbox and stay there. There are 6 little dots appeared at the top left hand corner of the screen next to the signal bar, and we don't know if this has anything to do with it. I got him a replacement sim card but this never cured the problem…PLEASE HELP!!

  29. james says:

    this phone is awful, video playback doesn't work, all of the above comments echo in my handsets tinny speakers. on my 5th one so thanks to orange for keeping trying. finally replacing it with htc desire hd tomorrow. may ceremonially burn this piece of mobile poop!!!

  30. Jess says:

    Worst phone I have ever had. Keeps freezing and the touch screen keeps messing up and not working. Texts fail to send so I have to keep turning it on and off which takes AGES. Also whenever I turn my phone off the time resets itself and I have to ajust it. Terrible Phone.

  31. Carl J Plumb says:

    After having this phone for over 13 months and having probs for 6 months ie going into flight mode on its own, please insert simcard, no alarm clock going off when set, ive complained to orange and they sent a new satio, but alast this phone has starting doing it again so new sim card sent….. and can you guess what yes it still happens, is anyone else having these problems… ive contacted sony ericsson and they told me i can send it away to get repaired even though its only a week old but they want to charge me £9.00 just to look at it thats a joke…………….. sony ericsson must sort this prob out and sort it out fast or recall the phone………..

  32. helen says:

    this phone is absolute rubbish. ive had nothing but problems since i got it! it freezes all the time, dosent receive messages/ phone calls. vibration stops when txting then has a fit when the msg is sent. camera is good but you cnt just flip through the pis you have to come out of camera mode and go all the way thru the menu to find your pics. the phone is just rubbish had to endure it for a year and a bit up to now and ive still got just under a year to go! not good they are finally sending me a new satio out tomorrow but i dont feel it will help after my original one has erased all of its memory ,messages , phone numbers, and photos! i would never recommend this phone to anyone, and i have complete sympathy for everyone has one already and that has deal with its day to day failures!!!

  33. jue says:

    im confused..why some of satio users said it was a rubbish phone..and some said is was a great,smart phone.im about to buy satio but i have to make sure that it worth to buy.from the specification that i’ve read,i think it is a good phone.but i wonder why some of users have a big problem with it?are these because of their phone is not an original set?and how i can make sure that im buying the original set?well,you know some of sellers are very good liars 🙂

    please help me n tqvm.

  34. Greg says:

    Total rubbish, I have ahd 5 handsets in 11 months. Screen problems, problems making and receiving calls, Just really poor quality.
    Avoid like the plague

  35. Jason says:

    My Satio keeps shutting itself off! Usually after I've charged it. If I charge it over night, I will wake up, and its of. Then i turn it on, and after a few minutes it shuts down. Bloody annoying! Any1 having the same problem?

  36. kb_85 says:

    I am using satio from last 6 months and i am satisfied with its performance. now i want to use internet on my laptop by using my mobile as the modem but i am unable to do that. I have already installed the PC Suit and also activate the internet in my bsnl connection. Please guide me for the same.

    1. Egg says:

      It’s the service providers that don’t support satio or symbian I went nuts at o2 because they only provide tethering for iPhone and I’m not going to allow apple to log my data and use it for other purposes as stated in there terms and conditions

  37. Derek says:

    May I suggest Sony Ericsson rename this handset again. How about the Crapio ? I'm on my 5th handset now since last Jan.
    I've just opened my last "new" replacement and the battery doesn't even last one day… I should have sold it on ebay… Why oh why did I break the seal on the box…

  38. Alan says:

    I think i want to buy this phone but….,, i see alot of bad comments about satio so i think i'm not buying this phone… I think i'm goin to buy vivaz or maybe vivaz pro….. Sony Ericsson must improved by improving:
    1. WIFI problems
    2.Touchsreen response
    3.Not laggy
    5.Battery life
    6.And other thing that need to be IMPROVE. Pls SE….Love the Xperia x10…

  39. mandy says:

    i hate this phone. first i loved it , now i hate it. i have it for 9 months now , i got it almost right when it came out. in less then 2 month the speakers starts to break down and later their was no sound. then i send it to sony to take a look and they got back to me around 2 months. they fixed it but after a few month, one day of my life it ran out of battery and i try to charge it then now it won't even turn on . the red light is there and then in a few min. it goes away. then i try taking the battery out and putting it back in but it didn't work. now i don't have a phone again . i won't even bother to get it fixed again. A total ripped off. the only thing i like about it is the camera quality but the front camera doesn't work so it has no point to be there. All the phone up to now is from sony ericsson. my first phone was a sony ericsson, but this one will be my last. it will be really hard for me to trust their product again.

  40. Andrew says:

    Except for the camera the rest of it rubbish!!!
    It is too slow on start, keep on losing connection with my laptop all the time!!!…(my previous model Nokia N95 had never had such problems despite on being 3-4 years older)
    With my previous phone I never had to install or reinstall anything, but for this one within a year I've done about 5-6 reinstalls!!! They claimed it would increase reliability etc… Rubbish!!! This problems are still there!!!
    And mostly important: I had my SIM stuck in the phone – sure I did not do it on purpose – it was designed like this and so could happen any moment (and again I couldn't think that it could become one day a problem). So for now it is beyond repair!!! Just because of this!!! Somehow I am going to use it for a while, but at the end of contract – I'll never comeback to the Sony!!!

  41. Kate says:

    Yes ok the pictures great and the interchangeable home screen but I got this phone because I wanted to use the internet and unfortunatley the internet is shocking! Very slow and constant error messages! I don't even bother trying anymore I just use my boyfriends Blackberry. Which works fine even though we are on the same network and both use 3G sim cards!

    Anyone else had this problem!?

  42. rohith reddy says:

    hey anyone could plz help me out!!!!!!!
    when a capturre a photo on ma satio i am gettn a blank screen but the videooption is working fine ,,

    wat a havoc with this satio!!!!!1

  43. Bonnie says:

    does anyone else have a problem with their network connection on their satio? It appears that I have full reception but it won't let me make a call or send a text or even receive calls or texts. I have always been on the o2 network and not had this problem before. I previously had a SE C902 and the reception was great but since I changed to the SE Satio this have become a problem. Could this be to do with the handset?

  44. eunjae says:

    i have sony ericsson sation a years ago. my problem is when i download games it can't be seen in the file manager or not working like. how to fix the issues, that it cost a lot of money everytime i download games and its not work.

  45. Beth James says:

    Was an amazing phone, great camera etc. until it stopped being able to send texts.. anybody else had this problem & managed a fix for it? (have updated software, master reset and checked all the settings)

  46. josephwilson15 says:

    i just connected my satio to my laptop via usb cable and as soon as i did so my theme disapeared, the wallpaper did too and soo did ALL of my camera pictures, how do i reverse this????

  47. Anonymous says:

    My clock changes time by itself, my internet doesn’t work properly-really slow and saying ‘connection error’ and now my screen keeps going all blocky and so I can’t use the menu until I’ve switched the stupid thing on and off again!! Have to keep it till February when my contract runs out, I’m never getting a Sony Ericsson again!!!!!

  48. i re -installed update from se update servic
    when it finished ,,it doesnt play video..not any types of video.
    it says ,,cant play video,,just the voice of the video…
    i tried the update again,,,nothing happend,,plz help,,any one

  49. i re -installed update from se update servic
    when it finished ,,it doesnt play video..not any types of video.
    it says ,,cant play video,,just the voice of the video…
    i tried the update again,,,nothing happend,,plz help,,any one

  50. Zannaz99 says:

    hello, I am sending this post from Australia. I bought my Satio 16 months ago and once I started updating it I have not had a problem with it. Loved the camera, just found the sound in phone a bit quiet. However, two weeks ago it turned itself off and I have not been able to turn it back on. charging it via power plug and computer, both with the same reaction. red light comes on for a second, sometimes longer, sometimes it would vibrate, sometimes the white screen with Sony Ericsson shows – but after a short time it is dead again.
    Found this is an issue for quite a few users but Sony will not look at repairing it as it is a few months outside warranty. Pretty disappointing. Thought Sony prides itself with offering products which last reliably longer than that…

  51. dolby says:

    I  ran out of battery and I try to charge it then now it won’t even turn on . the red light is there and then in a few min. it goes away. then i try taking the battery out and putting it back in but it didn’t work. Its been 4 months that its not working, I let it be seen by the service center but they told me to pay expensive amount to update the software. please help what I will do. Until now I dont have a phone.

  52. Connorstem96 says:

    one of the worst phones ever!!!!. the software is useless it freezes all the time it doesn’t charge, i have had this phone replaced 6times by orange and i wonder why it has been taken of the market -_-

  53. tc78 says:

    never buy this useless phone coz it make me lose more money on repairing it rather than enjoying it 🙁 SE really mess thing up on this phone and all i got is a phone that only can last for 7 week . starting from the corrupted firmware to the cpu making me mad to think why did i bother to buy this phone . its better to buy nokia phone than owning satio with nokia firmware .

  54. Jaimy Rianne says:

    I also ran out of battery and when i tried to turn it on it won’t turn on, please what can i do to resolve the matter because i couldn’t afford to lose the money i used to buy it and my warranty has expired. Help me out

  55. Hhgttg says:

    Had the Satio since release date in the Uk (Oct 2009) Still use it to this day as my primary phone. One of the main reasons I bought it was because at the time, it was possibly one of the first phones with a 12MP camera, and at that time, was one of the few phones that had plausable competition against the iPhone 3/3G. It’s pretty solid in the hands of an idiot and to be fair, I’ve had not much to complain about it functionality-wise. The only drawbacks to this phone now is it’s running on Symbian S60 v5 software that Sony Ericsson no longer produce updates for. So after one update they ditched it to concentrate on the Android market. Any software changes after the R2A (UK) update, can only be done via custom firmware.. Which really is a bit poor considering Sony Ericsson had this as their flagship phone once upon a time.

    I’ve never had the phone lock up on me, but I have had applications refusing to open sometimes, also.. Satio supposedly has a CPU speed of 600Mhz, mine reportedly only runs at 207Mhz which, is only a little over a third of the speed quoted. Duly granted, I have had to replace the LCD screen and touchpad digitizer front, but that was only because I threw it in a spit of anger for something totally unrelated, it just happened to have it in my hand at the time! lol
    Other than that, it’s been pretty reliable and it’s done what I’ve needed to do, both as a phone and as a media station. I’ve yet to be put off completely with the phone and will probably keep it as a phone until it dies completely. I’m not going to say it’s the best phone ever, but at the same time I’m not going to say it’s the worst either. It’s like Marmite, love it or hate it.. I’m just glad I kinda love Marmite.

  56. Helter says:

    It hangs whenever I play a track saved on the memory card and the message “Unsafe to remove memory card before…” would appear.At the same time,the photos that I take will not come out on the phone’s album.All the data that I try to save on my phone’s memory card eventually disappear.I find it  frustrating.My dad bought it for me as a graduation gift and it ended up being useless.I already sent it to the Sony Ericsson center in our city and when they gave it back,same problems occurred. I don’t know what to do.Please help!

  57. Rasps says:

    I’m coming to the end of a 24-month contract with Orange on the Satio.  I’ve had 2 replacement phones, the first because it stopped charging (the brass area started to rust, when i spoke to Orange this was apparently a common issue.  The 2nd because the 1st replacement they sent me was rubbish).  I was advised when i got the phone apps were not being designed for the phone as sony had pretty much lost faith in it.  I initially got this phone for the camera and i’ve not been disappointed. My issues have been network related not phone related.  If you’re happy with texting, phoning and taking pictures this phone is ideal in my opinion.

  58. Zetlandcats says:



    Fortunately for me I’m pretty tolerant and life’s too short to get upset by phone too much.

    1. Wowelfhealerfan says:

      What he said.  This phone was the bomb for me for about 18months, awesome camera, now phone memory gets used up (have to continuously clear privacy data from internet options) and the touchscreen fails me more often than not.
      fix price for touchscreen and replace cracked screen is close to $100 from the local Asian fixyaphone dude, for me it’s not worth it.  waited out my contract and going iphone methinks…..

  59. bishop. says:

    It’s amazing how dumb this phone can get ….
    it has a great cam ..thumbs up for that … but i can use the freakin cam cos my memory card slot isn’t working .
    doesn’t see the card..even if you add another MC it still doesn’t see it ..and then ..when i tried to connect my 8GB memory card to the pc said “memory card corrupt”
    is it a satio problem or i’m just the lucky one ?!

  60. Bappy says:

    take a photograph in daylight is OK, but when I used the flash between the deep Dark then my picture is OK but there are small hole of shadow. that like round shape of dust.

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