iPhone 4G Video Calling Screenshots: Could AT&T Handle Bandwidth?

Ok we all know by now that it is the iPhone 4G release date that we all want, but that will not happen until at least June 7 at the WWDC 2010 Event. So in the meantime whilst you wait we have found something else of interest in the form of ‘Video Calling’.

BGR has release a couple of screenshots of video calling capabilities on the new iPhone 4G / HD, earlier on today James reported about this but we wanted to add a little more to the mix. We already know about iPhone 4G or HD, whatever the name we know it is coming, we also know about iPhone OS 4.0 and that is coming also, we know that the new smartphone from Apple will have a front-facing camera if all rumours are correct.

Ok so the screenshots does give us a little proof, but nothing is official until Apple mouths start wagging at WWDC 2010 so please take everything with a Pinch of salt. BGR got these images via a tipster who works for Apple (Oh you naughty boy/girl); field tests were being done when these screenshots were taken.

One quick thing to ask you all, if the new iPhone does feature video calling can AT&T handle the bandwidth, just a thought. Answer our poll question below and vote now.

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2 thoughts on “iPhone 4G Video Calling Screenshots: Could AT&T Handle Bandwidth?”

  1. pae says:

    Technically speaking (and not just Hatefully :P) at&t CAN handle the bandwidth. As a matter of fact, they already had come out with a video sharing feature on their phones (a few non-iphone models) but it didn't kick off the way they wanted. But it worked pretty well!

  2. dave says:

    Isn't it well known that due to the (pre 4G) iPhone's success that AT&T's networks are already overworked? If video calling overloads exponentially, or even marginally, AT&T's networks performance, I sure as hell hope the video calling feature is locked out until whenever AT&T gets it's networks built up to handle the extra bandwidth load. Hmmm, am I saying until 'Hell Freezes Over' ? As a current AT&T user waiting for the new iPhone, I surely don't want a WORSERER over loaded network.
    My wife has a 3G and convinced me to spring for the 3GS. I loved it and was hooked, but found out right after my purchase of the imminent (hopefully) release of the 4G/HD version. I returned my 3GS a few weeks ago in wait for the 4G. If Video calling is enabled from day one, maybe I need to wait to see if the AT&T network goes to pot (further).

    I'm not a techie. Are my AT&T network (further) overload fears realistic if video calling is widespread with that features use?

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