iPhone 4G Video Conferencing More Evidence

For some time there have been rumours that video conferencing would come to the next generation iPhone, but it has all been rumour up until now, but now there is a bit more in the way of proof that the iPhone 4G will come out to play sporting video conferencing.

According to an article by Boy Genius over on the Boy Genius Report, one of their “Apple guys” sent them some shots of the field test firmware for the iPhone 4G and low and behold those shots show video calls.

There’s not much else to go on other than the screenshots, but it is a bit more proof that when Apple gets round to releasing the iPhone 4G, which is turning out to be much more popular that it’s nearest rivals as reported (here) will pack some video calling goodness.

As the expected release of the next generation iPhone draws closer even the slightest hint of confirmation on such things is always welcome, and well as May is nearly out it isn’t too long before we hopefully find out for sure from Apple.

Via Engadget

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