Gabriella Nagy Sues Cell Phone Company Rogers Wireless: Your Views?

We want to know if it is right or wrong about Gabriella Nagy suing Cell Phone Company Rogers Wireless, this is where we want you to step in and have your say.

We mentioned a few days ago about Gabriella Nagy from Toronto Canada suing Rogers Wireless and we now want to hear from you. The reason the woman sued the cell phone company is because the billing statement led to her husband finding out that she cheated on him.

The bill was in her maiden name at her home address, but Rogers Wireless consolidated the bill with the home phone and Internet service ordered by her husband, this is where he got access to view her call history.

Gabriella Nagy, said that it was an invasion of privacy and breach of contract and is suing them for $600,000. Rogers Wireless said that they are not responsible for the breakup of Nagy’s marriage; the question is “Does she have a case?”

We would love for you to comment on the above, should the cell phone company be held responsible or do you think the woman should have been responsible by not having the affair in the first place, the victim here surely has to be the poor man who was left in the dark. These are only thoughts, and now we want yours. Thanks


3 thoughts on “Gabriella Nagy Sues Cell Phone Company Rogers Wireless: Your Views?”

  1. Jason says:

    This woman better not win a single cent. It's her own damn fault for being a dumb B**** and cheating on her husband. It makes no sense for someone to win a lawsuit because she got caught cheating.

  2. No Name says:

    I feel the company is not responsible for the break-up . . . the woman is just a biotch. However, the consolidation of mulitple bills, if it wasn't clearly stated in the service agreement, would be cause to sue. Too many times these companies do what they want and get away with it because they notify their customers in the teeny tiny font that on on their monthly bills. Who has time to spend a half hour each month to read each bill that arrives for payment?

  3. Having previously worked for Rogers I know that Rogers sets a priority to respect the confidentiality of all customers, even within families. The consolidation of information through bills that her husband was able to achieve was a definite mistake by whom ever took that call at Rogers! So she has a case! Whether she can actually put the blame on Rogers for her own social misconduct and breaking of matrimonial vows is another question! I think not, and only a very small settlement will be in order.

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