Update: iPhone 4G Besting Droid Incredible, HTC EVO 4G in Popularity Poll

The other day, the 20th of May to be exact, I posted a poll on which smartphone people would choose and gave the options of the iPhone 4G, the HTC Droid Incredible and the HTC EVO 4G handsets along with a couple of other options being ‘Confused, so not sure’ and ‘None of the above.”

Well just to keep everyone abreast of the situation so far, today the 22nd of May I checked the results of the poll which can be found (here) and is still running if you wish to add your vote and opinion.

As of today it looks like the iPhone 4G will be the most popular device out of the tree with 47 percent of the vote at 279, while Sprint’s first WiMAX phone the HTC EVO 4G comes in second most popular with 26 percent of the vote at 156.

The surprising thing is the only phone which is available at the moment, the HTC Droid Incredible which has been touted as an ‘incredible’ device only manages to grab 3rd place with just 18 percent of the vote at 109. The ‘not sure’ grabbed 7 percent with 43 votes and the ‘none of the above’ garnering 2 percent with 9 votes.

So as it stands, and only after two days, it does look like the next generation iPhone 4G is the most popular handset and beats the HTC Droid Incredible in popularity by over double the amount, but like I said there is still time to cast your vote and drop us a comment if you wish.


22 thoughts on “Update: iPhone 4G Besting Droid Incredible, HTC EVO 4G in Popularity Poll”

  1. Marty says:

    Hmmm. The iphone 4g isn't out, nor is the Evo 4g, but they are more popular than HTC Incredible. (which is universally on backorder)

    My guess is that if you added a (non-existant) Droid Incredible-4g, featuring Android 3.5 it'd beat them all.

    We are always searching for the better mousetrap.

    1. Ray1965 says:

      Marty please stop…enough with the iphone the platform tired the phone is tired at&t is tired enough is enough. Even the new iphone do not truly multitask. Htc is the maker of many great phones for a long time a true threat to apple and sprint is a much better carrier than at&t with better plans. The evo 4g is a true 4g phone working here in a 3g market in nyc and it is still better than the iphone 3gs or better. Regarless of what comes out june 7th on June 4th the evo 4g will come out and claim it's place as #1

  2. Marty says:

    Hmmm. The iphone 4g isn't out, nor is the Evo 4g, but they are more popular than HTC Incredible. (which is universally on backorder)

    Add the Incredible 4g, with running android 3.5, and it'd beat them all.

    We are constantly searching for the better mousetrap.

    1. Brandon says:

      lol, not to mention that HTC was the originator of the touch U.I interface & is actually currently suing Apple for plagiarizing their idea! All HTC needs is time to improve on their phones capabilities & they'll have WAY more than just a "g4 network"!

  3. Nicolas Wiggins says:

    That will probably change once everyone hears about it and plays with the EVO 4G before the iPhone g4 (not 4g) is even heard about amongst the average Joe's. Your poll results are probably due to iPhone fanboys that are only saying its better because its an iPhone. We all know that the EVO has tremendous potential to outsell the iPhone, and with the iPhone NOT going to Verizon only an idiot would move to AT&T (who has the second worst coverage among the top 4 wireless carriers in the US, and on the same field they have the worst customer service and the highest rate of dropped calls). On top of all that, the EVO packs a lot of features the iPhone doesn't have (I.E. HD camera, HDMI output, kickstand, large screen, adobe flash support, android OS, HTC sense UI, or 4g capabilities), and Oprah has an EVO which is a huge popularity boost. Jobs wont even let anyone see his iPhone until it will be released (after the EVO of course), and if that's the case then nobody will hear about it and just be pounded with EVO EVO EVO.

    My firm belief is that the EVO will outsell the iPhone and create a huge dent into apple and AT&T (which both I passionately hate), and come the next iPhone, HTC and Android will be so far ahead that apple shouldn't even bother releasing iPhone 5 next year.

  4. jonah says:

    Evo + incredible vs iPhone is a more interesting comparison. Bottom line is that this is a battle between Google's android platform and iPhone.

    1. ray1965 says:

      fair battle is iphone 3gs vs droid incredible…Evo 4g vs iphone 4/hd.. In the true sense evo wins hands down. Sprint does not need to do video chat over wifi like at&t they can do it over 3g or 4g network plus wifi now which network is truly better even evo 4g used in a 3g area like nyc is better than iphone 3gs or iphone 4/hd and faster on sprint than at&t. The time has come for iphone to step aside and allow other carriers to join cause when they do watch the flock leave at&t. tethering anybody

  5. phoneexpert says:

    this isn’t a fair battle for the HTC droid incredible since it just came out and not everyone has gotten a chance to see it’s features and such.

  6. Danielle says:

    I think there are several reasons for it. Most people already have an iPhone making the upgrade easier as far as their plan is concerned. Many people don't realize that iPhone 4G means 4th generation only. Sprint is the carrier for the EVO. I've seen the plan and I'm not too impressed by it. Their coverage isn't great either (IMO). Those who do realize that the EVO will be the fastest are possibly holding out for it.

    I have an iTouch and just got the Incredible. I like the incredible more but, all these phones will be/are excellent.

  7. Tim says:

    HTC cool phone, but i’m just used to the Iphone, its simple and does what I need. I’ll be upgrading to the Iphone 4g as well as my GF, best friend and both my parents. Theirs 5 Iphone 4g sales right there. HTC is cool though, I just have no need for all the extra crap it offers and I don’t want to pay for extras i won’t use. AND last time I had Sprint the service was horrible… the worst in fact of all the providers and I’ve had them all.

    1. Sprintfan says:

      Pay for extras? AT&Ts plans required for IPhone are higher each month than Sprint's service plans for the HTC EVO. Where we live and travel, my service on Sprint is better than my husband's service on AT&T. Sprint is charging a premium of $10 per month to activate the EVO, but their plans, including the Simply Everything with unlimited domestic talk time, unlimited messaging including video, unlimited data access are still lower each month than comparable AT&T plans. Visit a Sprint store and check it out. There's even a 30 day guarantee period – – if you aren't satisfied with Sprint's service today, you can cancel the service, return the phone and not even pay for the service plan.

    2. John Beck says:

      You are blinded by Apple and ATT's terrible service. If you read the service plans offered by Sprint and compared them to what you are paying now you would realize that you are paying more for services with ATT than you would for all the services offered by Sprint. I don't understand people who talk like this. "I don't want to pay for extras I won't use". I would love to understand what extras you are referring too? Web, email, text, navigation, wifi hotspot, tethering? All of those services and more are available through Sprints Simply Everything Plan, $99.99 a month, the wifi hotspot is additional but still less than an external device. So please again help me understand what extras you are referring too and I would love to know how much your ATT bill is just for voice, data and text, I already know its at least $129.00

    3. ray1965 says:

      You know the funny about what you said ''all the extra stuff'' well with all the extra it still turns out cheaper monthly than at&t and the iphone hd/4g. When will iphone user give themself a break come from a closed system to a open platform and truly show your overall abilities to create your phone under your own likes and dislikes insted of being told where you can go what you can look at and the itunes lock up store. how about true video chatt on a faster 3g or 4g with sprint vs wifi with at&t how about tethering anyone or maybe even flash. Thank god for android

  8. ande1416 says:

    The people I've spoken with confuse the iPhone 4th generation software with the Evo 4G data communication, so I wonder if that is confusing the voters a bit. It will be interesting to see how things compare when the devices are out and people can compare them. iPhone is a great device, but people are getting fed up with poor network performance.

  9. John says:

    AT&T blows chunks. Enjoy your iphone 4g on the most unusable network on the planet. LOL. BTW, all those extras sprint charges, unlimitted data/voice/text is still way cheaper than AT&T and Verizon. Enjoy paying more for less losers!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  10. John Beck says:

    I don't understand how you can have a popularity contest for products that no one has been able to use. That's like Car and Driver awarding a 2012 best car in it's class in 2010. Obviously IPhone fans and non IPhone fans are going to pick that device because it's brother is available, it's been used, seen and tested and those Apple users are devoted. The incredible hasn't seeded/saturated itself in the market long enough to win over it's end users and the EVO as stated isn't even available yet. If your looking purely at the device for its features and not considering the network behind it as this poll didn't, the IPhone certainly has it's perks and appeal. Device to device the EVO wins regardless of whether 4G is available in your market, it simply has more features. At the end of the day we're back to the same place we started, if the network behind the phone doesn't support the device then it's just a paper weight. The IPhone is great as a stand alone device but it's network stinks like a rotten egg and the end users all be it blinded by Apples beauty are starting to realize that cost doesn't outweigh service and now Apple is not looking so pretty. Sprint has done a 180, it's service, its customer care and it's devices especially through the rest of the year are clearly taking the industry by surprise. ATT knows if they lose the IPhone they sink like the Titanic which is why they are paying Apple a ridiculous amount of money to keep the IPhone exclusive. Who agrees to take a loss on each phone just to have the customer base, it can't keep that it because regardless of the millions of end users ATT continues to not turn a profit on the IPhone end users unless they stay on past the 2 year period.

  11. ray1965 says:

    The truth must be told I admire the fact that apple set the trend many years ago and uptil today other have come forward and laid there version of what they feel the smartphone industry should be like. 2010 HTC evo 4g sprint the carrier the fast 3g coverage in the carrier market vs Apple Iphone hd/4 at&t the carrier on a bogged down network that is a long time aways from any king of 4g true coverage. Android 2.1 and updated froyo 2.2 vs iphone 4.0 Google vs Apple a dog fight to the finish. CLOSED PLATFORM VS OPEN PLATFORM. tehtering vs no tethering. Flash vs no flash. upcoming gingerbread update in Nov 2010 vs the same iphone 4.0 does anyone see the true picture here GOOGLE WILL ALWAYS REMAIN AHEAD AND PRODUCE MANY A BETTER PRODUCTED UPDATED WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE AND DEVELOPE CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR desire. Even with google tv vs apple tv still no match a better platform of new phone will come out toward the later part of this year and early 2011 I can forsee HTC coming out with a 1,5 snapdragon processor, 12megipexel camera, with either froyo or gingerbread os BOTTOM LINE IS IPHONE WILL ALWAYS BE OLD…ONE PHONE ONE MAKER..ONE CARRIER,,,NO OPTIONS.. WHEN WILL IPHONE USER JOIN US????

  12. Jim says:

    First of all people vote for the iPhone because it’s an iPhone we don’t really know much about it. I have the incredible and haven’t had any problems at all. And the evo is basically the incredible on steroids so I think that the evo will eventually beat the iPhone 4g

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