iPhone 4G, Droid Incredible, HTC EVO 4G Which One?

With smartphone technology ever evolving choosing which smartphone to own is becoming more difficult as more and more top notch smartphones hit the mobile space, three of which will be available this year.

Over the next few months three giants in the mobile space will be battling it out for supremacy with the smartphone toting public. The already available HTC Droid Incredible which is currently so popular Verizon can keep up with stock demand.

The HTC EVO 4G which will be the first smartphone to offer 4G via the WiMAX network as well as 3G connectivity and should become available as of June the 4th as reported (here)

Then there is of course the challenge of the might next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4G which is reported to be launching during WWDC 2010 and rumour has it will support a front facing camera for iChat.

There three superphones will all be going head to head at some point in an attempt to capture the biggest audience and command the mobile space in which the iPhone already carries the crown.

So what does each of these heavy duty smartphones offer? As I’ve already said the HTC EVO 4G will be the only handset to offer 4G connectivity but Sprint’s rollout of WiMAX is so far limited and many who do purchase the device will spend a great deal of time surfing 3G rather than 4G until the 4G network becomes more widespread.

The HTC Droid Incredible is again a most popular handset which offers much the same as the HTC EVO 4G without the 4G experience but offers a front facing camera, and as it is available right now it has a reasonable head start on its rivals.

Then we come to the iPhone 4G, probably the most talked about Apple iPhone in the history of the iPhone due to the leak of the next generation iPhone prototype by Gizmodo. If all pans out to be correct the iPhone 4G will offer a 2 megapixel front facing camera for iChat along with a 5 megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, and a list of impress specs which can be viewed (here).

The big question with these three though is which smartphone to purchase, do you buy the Droid Incredible as it’s available right now, wait for the HTC EVO 4G to play of WiMAX, or wait longer in the hopes Apple will indeed release the iPhone 4G?

Already the HTC Droid Incredible has a strong following, the HTC EVO 4G and just how successful it will be remains to be seen, while Apple’s large and faithful customer base will no doubt pick up the iPhone 4G no matter how long they have to wait.

So of the iPhone 4G, HTC Droid Incredible and HTC EVO 4G which smartphone will you go for? Drop us a comment with your choice and reasons why in the comments area below, many thanks. Please vote below the smartphone of your choice

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71 thoughts on “iPhone 4G, Droid Incredible, HTC EVO 4G Which One?”

  1. bobbydash says:

    Here's my confusion
    HTC EVO 4G – Looks like great Android phone, however, it is on Sprint. Customer Service = N/A.
    HTC Incredible – Good phone, slightly expensive plans w/ Verizon but no extra $10 charge compared to 4G & good customer service
    iPhone 4G – Paying for the brand-name, specs are not official yet. ATT data seems slow compared to Verizon.
    Choice 1 – iPhone, as long as it has the 1GHz processor.
    Choice 2 – Incredible – Verizon network + customer service = peace.
    Choice 3 – If not for the EVO 4G, I wouldn't even consider Sprint. TMobile & US Cellular would be on my shortlist but not Sprint. Just too many horror stories from people I know who were/are on Sprint.

    1. Eduardo says:

      Who are you!!! Where have you been! …..Fist off Sprint has excellent customer service now!, that whole "bad service" crap is all a lie. I used to have Sprint, and they treated me like a God, yet i betrayed them and switched to AT&T because of the iPhone. and i regret it so muuch…. My bill nearly quadrupled yet i seem to have worse service. If any AT&T has "the" worst customer service! Also Verizon even though it has great 3G, its not as fast as AT&T nor Sprint!! and Sprint is the only one with 4G! which is amazing. And people who have problem with Sprint are IGNORANT, IDIOTS who don't know anything about being a responsible adult in life!! UGHHHH!!!!!! Just like you!!

    2. jerbear says:

      Evo is the best phone of the three. Sprint's plans are the cheapest and most inclusive of the three. 4G is like a bonus. Think of it like wifi. If you have a wifi radio, you can turn it on when you are near a hotspot and get much faster data. Wimax is like that except it's a city-wide hotspot. As more cities build Wimax networks over the next year or two, this will be very nice to have. iPhone and Verizon are just the same old same old overpriced or locked down or both.

    3. Craig says:

      I think that's a perception of Sprint that might have been true at one point, but no longer is necessarily the case. Moreover, I always have to ask the question…how many times should one really have to contact/interact with their cell phone company. You activate your phone, you know what your bill is going to be every month. Pay the bill and all is well…I suppose. I have Sprint and it's so rare that I ever have to call them for customer service to even be an issue.

    4. Sylverac says:

      You must be either drunk or high. You have Sprint and Verison mixed up. I will give it to verizon that their coverage is great, the customer service, however, is abhorrent. As one of the previous replies said best, they treat their customers "like god."

    5. Chris says:

      I don't know what Sprint was like two years ago, but it seems to me that the management team or a good segment of the team was trying to sabotage the company. Nevertheless, Sprint for the latter 9 quarters has had new mgmt. under Dan Hesse and a formidable CFO, Robert Brusk. Since joining Sprint I have been nothing but impressed with the handling of all my issues and quite frankly I couldn't be happier.

      Now couple this with their "Simply Everything Mobile" Plan with their recently added 4G platform and what you have is the best Telco for the money you pay.

  2. guest says:

    Well, I guess if you like to drink kool-aid, Apple is the way to go. For those that like a little more kick to their beverages, HTC baby.

  3. Jean says:

    I bought a T-Mobile HD2, and it was performing so poorly that I had to return it… I have an iPod touch and it works beautifully. So I will trust Apple and buy the next iPhobe 4G. I am OK to spend money on a phone but at least it must work…

    1. stephen says:

      jean, you cannot compare the htd hd2 to htc evo or htc droid incredible.

      windows mobile vs android
      lower hardware specs on hd2 vs evo/incred.

  4. dustin jamerson says:

    how come sprint have a htc evo 4g launch party in nyc and not have 4g service. sprint is going to charge $10 extra for 4g connection even though they dont have 4g service in nyc. Only reason i am not going to get htc evo because sprint dont have 4g service in nyc, which is very sad. They said its coming soon but i think its going to be a year.

    1. Stephen says:

      Your not paying for 4g service. But for premium data usage the phone comes with. FCC regulates cell phone carriers to 5gb/month. the $10 fee removes that cap. Usage over the cap results in heavy penalties of fees or reduction in bandwidth and your service can be disconnected.

    2. Guest says:

      4G will be available in about 40 large cities by the end of 2010 and for $79.99/month you get unlimited mobile to mobile voice, unlimited data, unlimited messaging, Sprint GPS, and annual phone upgrades. If you want a similar plan through Verizon or AT&T, that $79.99 plan would be nearly $120-$130/month with 3G. You can use EVO both on the 3G and 4G network with no significant limitations and if you are going to make the investment for a new phone it's a no brainer.

  5. jdonahoe says:

    I am in a position to upgrade now. My problem is the question of the iphone on Verizon. I hate my Samsung Omnia, but if Verizon isn't mentioned in the WWDC in June for a CDMA iphone, I'm going to get the Incredible.
    4G is a joke right now, unless you live in a major city. It will be 2 years before the rest of us see 4G, so 3G is good for the time being.

    1. jerbear says:

      Right, and even only counting 3G, the Evo is a better phone than the Incredible and Sprint's prices are way lower than Verizon's. Think of 4G as a city-wide hotspot that is available in some cities. I would rather have a phone that has the option rather than not.

  6. QT3 says:

    Apple still makes the superior device – So my choice is 4g on At&t network is the only way to experience Iphone – Talk, Text &Surf simultaneously – no limits!

    1. Snarky says:

      EVO does data/voice simultaneously, faster. Also, the Sprint network actually allows one to place a call that will stay connected until you decide the conversation is over.

    2. HTC MANIA says:

      you need to know network capability, at&t will be the last to actually have 4g, the iphone 4g means 4th generation not 4g for data speed/connection . sprint is still the way to go for 4g connectivity.

    3. no iphone 4 me says:

      How can you consider a device 'superior' when the extent of customization involves being able to rearrange page after page of icons? At least with Android you can run apps, widgets, and/or icons and move everything around to look exactly the way YOU want it to? I have an ipod Touch so I know how that works. Until the iphone can do that level of customization and personalization, it won't be on my list.

  7. Eric says:

    I would go for the iPhone but I won't switch from Verizon. So unless there's an announcement real soon that the iPhone is coming to Verizon, I'm planning to buy the Incredible.

  8. Meinbcreek says:

    I have the HTC Incredible!! The name itself describes the phone!! And they are saying as long as the new Iphone has a 1ghz processor they'll get it!! We already have that in the Incredible and its speed cant b matched by any other phone!! Add Android OS 2.2 coming soon and all other phones will be fosillized!!! Android's the only way to go!!!!

  9. Jon says:

    I completely agree! I want the incredible soooo bad but I have to wait a couple months for my upgrade and for the phones to come into stock because it is so popular. To this day they are still pushing back the date that you can receive the incredible because of the high demand. From reviews though, the device looks kick ass! Plus verizon absolutely has the best service and is at least tied for the fastest although i think it's the fastest. I could be in the desert and have service. I would never get the iphone…its too boring!!! I want a device that's fun to use and has some kick to it! I also want it to be customizable unlike the boring iphone which locks you into whatever it comes with.

  10. Jon says:

    I completely agree! I want the incredible soooo bad but I have to wait a couple months for my upgrade and for the phones to come into stock because it is so popular. To this day they are still pushing back the date that you can receive the incredible because of the high demand. From reviews though, the device looks amazing! Plus verizon absolutely has the best service and is at least tied for the fastest although i think it is the fastest. I could be in the desert and have service. I would never get the iphone…its too boring!!! I want a device that's fun to use and has some kick to it! I also want it to be customizable unlike the boring iphone which locks you into whatever it comes with. The incredible has the iphone beat!

  11. Ope says:

    If you dont get a Android phone now or in the near future, u will be falling behind!!! Android is def taking over the Smartphone market, and it looks like they are not stopping there. Google/Android def the way to go!! I read someone said u need a Iphone for social networking!?? What da hell are you talking about!!! Apple, Android, Windows Mobile, Webos, etc all have social networking apps lol…

  12. Tippy says:

    My vote is for the HTC EVO 4g. I’m fortunate to have 4g coverage at all of the places I frequent most and I am a fan of the Android OS. I really enjoy the customization and am extremely excited for Froyo 2.2. Besides, I have an Ipod touch and I mainly use the device for music and games so there really is no point in me having the fun also. I’ll also be testing the Evo for the 30 days trial to see how my service will be with Sprint. If I do not like, I’ll wait for the next best phone to come out.

  13. Jdub says:

    Evo is just too big…..I’m a Verizon customer that has always had iphone envy but just will not switch to At&t under any circumstances. I’m praying that a Verizon iphone announcement is coming soon….

  14. Nater says:

    HTC EVO-4G, for reasons of device, speed of network and cost, but mostly cost.
    1)cost. HTC EVO costs 80 a month for unlimited text, data and mobile to mobile talk. A similar verizon or ATT plan will cost you 130 bucks by the time you add the data and text and smart-phone fee. $50/mo times 2 years = $1200 saved.
    2)network. I've had Sprint for 8 years without issue but have heard of others who have had problems and left or stayed but been pissed off. However, most of that stuff seems to have been fixed. Customer service is nearly identical between the four major carriers now with Verizon and T-mobile having 73% overall customer satisfaction, Sprint 70% and AT&T 69%. Customer satisfaction doesn't really give any network a major advantage. Speed does, however. With 4G you get download speeds of 3-6 mbps vs around 700 kbps on 3G and EVO 4G is the only of these three phones that will be operating on a 4G network, with Sprint's 4G covering over 120 million people by year end. By contrast, Verizon plans to launch one market only this year and ATT will lauch their first in late 2011.

    1. jay says:

      I agree. There are so many people who say sprint customer service is bad and usualy its here say. They know someone who knows someone… I signed up for sprint in 1999 and have had nothing but good luck (for 11 years) with any issue i have ever had and there really have'nt been to many. I am from Michigan and now live in Las Vegas and travel to and from often and i have great service in both places and everyone in between. Not to mention the price i pay for service is far less then with att or verizon. That being said i have wanted the iphone for ever but stay with sprint because of company quality vs att. So htc is my hero with the launch of the evo. Cant wait for this phone. So similar to the incredible but with 4g and front cam. I have stoped by verizon several times just to try the phone out cuz i cant wait for the evo…but its almost here

  15. Eric says:

    HTC EVO 4G seems to be the best hardware / software of the 3 options. I would totally choose that one. I've been very happy with my Sprint service over the past few years. They have definitely turned things around.

  16. DJ says:

    I have been an iphone owner since the day it was released, but not for much longer!! ATT has the worse network available. If i’m in a moving vehicle or walking around my house talking on the phone i’m almost guaranteed to drop the call. Now my only question is htc evo or droid incredible? I think im leaning towards the evo. ANd the only reason for that is because the screen is a little bigger. Anyone have a stronger argument for the incredible or the evo?

  17. pat says:

    The best phone of the three is the Evo. But the incredible has verizons great coverage. You are right, the iPhone can’t keep up with Android. If I were you, wait until you here how great Sprint 4g is. With the new android 2.2 coming, the incredible is going to be the 1st to get it. (the evo won’t update for a while)

    1. Verizon's great coverage? I don't know if anyone knows, but verizon and sprint have roaming contracts. If you have an unlimited plan you will automatically use the verizon network for free and vise versa. So the whole this network has better coverage is false. Verizon and sprint's network is as large as both of them combined.

  18. Siobhan says:

    I too have had Iphone envy since it came out, but I like Verizon's reliability…so, I got an Incredible, and I love it! Voice search, voice texting, text to speech, great camera, skype, pandora, and best of all, no dropped calls and I haven't run into any place where it won't work-always have service! I recommend it highly!

  19. jerbear says:

    Evo 4G by far. Evo is a better phone than the other three, and Sprint has the best plans of the three. 4G is like icing on the cake. If you have a Wimax network in your city you will have access to it all over. If you don't then you will be able to use it if you visit a city with Wimax service. It's one of those things that will only be bigger over the next couple of years. It's like buying a device with Wifi even if you don't use it at home. You can still use it at cafes and such so why not have the option, especially considering the phone and service is cheaper than any of the others.

  20. Neil says:

    I am definitely choosing the EVO for a number of reasons. 1) Is that is a superior device in terms of hardware and software. The Incredible is a great device but comes just a bit short compared to the later released EVO. Iphone does not offer anywhere near the level of customization that the EVO or Incredible does. Android is definitely the better software as evidenced by it's take of the market share in just two years time. 2) Cost: As mentioned before, Sprint's network offers the cheapest data plans.

  21. beeeceee says:

    "The HTC Droid Incredible is again a most popular handset which offers much the same as the HTC EVO 4G without the 4G experience but offers a front facing camera"

    The Incredible offers a front-facing camera? News to me. That's one of the main reasons I've been waiting for an EVO.

  22. Mr. TKO says:

    Spec Wise…… The HTC EVO 4G beats out the other phones, both it and the incredible share the powerful 1GHZ snapdragon processor while the IPhone 4G is supposed to use a less powerful IPAd processor, EVO4G and Incredible both have 8 MP camera compared to the Iphone's 5MP camera, now this is my first time hearing about Iphone's 2MP front camera ( I could have sworn it was lower than that from other reports) but since I'm not sure, I'll speculate that it beats the EVO's frontward camera by .7 megapixel and the Incredible doesn't have one.

    Size wise, people are hearing that the EVO 4G has a huge screen and thinking that it means that the phone itself is huge, which is incorrect. EVO 4G gets rid of a lot of the extraneous crap on the front in order to maximize the screen size, when it's all said and done the EVO 4G itself is slightly bigger than the last Iphone, which makes the EVO a great screen for movie watching and pictures.

    The EVO 4G is the only phone that offers 4g service (even though it's limited at 40 million customers right now) it should be expanded to 120 million by the end of the year, regardless if you have 4G or not , Sprint has an agreement with Verizon to utilize Verizon's network where available. So if you're ranking phone service it would go
    Verizon 3G
    Sprint 3G/4G
    AT&T's service (in my research I've found out that AT&T is frankly horrible in lots of locations)

    as far as plans, I'll rate them in order
    EVO 4G – Sprint 79.99 Unlimited data, (no 5GB cap like everyone else that's the $10 charge you've been hearing about) texting, mobile to mobile nights weekends, 450 landline minutes)
    Droid Incredible 92.97 450 Minutes Unlimited SMS/MMS which includes the $29.99 for 5GB Data 3G and $2.99 for VVM
    AT&T Iphone I'm too lazy too look up the stats but I keep saying $109.99 or $119, including the 29.99 smartphone fee. but I'll have to look that up one day)

    I'm tired of typing so I won't finish comparing, but from what I see…The EVO 4G offers the most powerful phone, with the 2nd best 3G coverage (while they share the coverage with the best Verizon network and offers the cheapest overall plan.

    Right now, the only advantages that Iphone has over it, is the hypothetical 2Mp front camera but the Incredible and the EVO 4G both have 8 MP camera's compared to the Iphone's 5MP. It does have the app store, but as the popularity of Android continues to surge ahead, of Apple's Iphone, it appears that more and more developers are coding for Android so that you can enjoy more apps every day. It's over 50,000 last I've heard so you can enjoy many things without having to jailbreak your phone.

    The Droid Incredible has almost all the same options as the EVO other than it missing an HDMI out spot, a front facing camera and a 4.3 inch screen. I've heard the EVO described as the Incredible's big brother on steroids or something to that effect. The incredible does offer the best 3G coverage though

  23. Ben says:

    Humm. not so sure about that sprint comment. Been with Sprint MANY years… over a decade now. Im a pilot and fly all over the US. Small airports in tiny towns over CA, NV, CO, AZ, NM, TX, OK and a few others, flying cargo. I need.. MUST.. have good coverge for flight plan and weather data. Sprints been great, thats why I've stayed. Not to mention I get far better monthy rates than any other carrier. 70 a month for everything!.. cant beet that. so yea. not sure what youre talking about.

    1. Bryan says:

      Im with you about Sprint. Been with them since 2000, and their customer service has gotten much better over the years. Dropped calls are a rarity. Most of the people bashing Sprint have never been on the network or people that have not been on the network for awhile. Just going by hearsay. It would be very easy for me to bash AT&T from past service experience but would not be fair to do so.

      1. I agree with both of you. I've had sprint since December of 2000 and I have nothing but good things to say about sprint. There was a customer service issues a few years ago when they outsourced to india, but after all the complaints they brought it back to the U.S. and I'm loving it. They gave me and my wife new phones without waiting for the upgrade period for being a loyal customer. I'm getting the EVO this friday.

  24. Rose says:

    EVO 4G all the way! This phone is going to be the best phone on the market. Androis is definately the way to go and I would say if you don't have good coverage with Sprint but do on Verizon than get the Incredible. I have been with Sprint almost 10 years and don't want to leave. Haven't had any probloems with them so I am getting the EVO. All my coworkers have the iphone but it's just not for me.

  25. Steve says:

    I’m going with EVO. Been following for months. Switching from ATT (Cingular). Even with the extra 10 fee and the 30 Wifi charge, I will be paying less with Sprint plus have ability to connect mine and wife’s laptop without aircards! No more airport/hotel Wifi fees… figure that into an overall savings. No brainer for me regarding my needs.

  26. Dre says:

    What is it about the iphone that people love so much.. is it just the Apple name? I mean its the same old interface… if you can even call it that. Just pages of apps..nothing innovative. There are still features it doesnt have and wont have that basic smart phones have had for years. No flash.. supposedly the 4g will have multi-tasking but im sure itll be watered down… not to mention apple constantly figures out ways to keep people from jailbreaking devices that THEY own. I had a 3gs and aside from the endless and somewhat useless apps its just a basic smartphone IMO.

  27. Seth says:

    For me its deffinatley the evo. Verizons plans are more expensive even after the 10 dollar extra charge. Plus you have to pay an extra charge for verizons Droid, so i see no fuss with paying for that with the evo. Verizon does have better coverage, but here in ohio i always have service with sprint. And i havent ever had a problem with their cusomer service and have went through 4 rumors and all have been replaced without question (rumor=shitty phone) And as far as the iphone goes, the only thing it has going for it is its app store. to me the only app i wish android had was netflix, and im pretty sure they are working on getting now. i would much rather have a 4.3 inch screen then the 3.7 or 3.9 that the iphone has.

  28. jsmart says:

    I believe the EVO is the best choice. I dont know why some people say the coverage on sprint suxs but if you guys do a little research, Sprint and Verizon have the same coverage. WHY? Because they have an agreement and they share the same CDMA Towers. So where ever Verizon has coverage, Sprint has Coverage. Im not sure if Verizon charges for Roaming but Sprint does not making coverage even greater, so make sure to enable your roaming toggle on. So EVO + Sprint(same coverage as verizon)+Cheaper plans which include sprint TV + GPS and much more, UMM yeah its a no-brainer….EVO is the winner hands down!!!!!

  29. jsmart says:

    I believe the EVO is the best choice. I dont know why some people say the coverage on sprint suxs but if you guys do a little research, Sprint and Verizon have the same coverage. WHY? Because they have an agreement and they share the same CDMA Towers. So where ever Verizon has coverage, Sprint has Coverage. Im not sure if Verizon charges for Roaming but Sprint does not making coverage even greater, so make sure to enable your roaming toggle on. So EVO + Sprint(same coverage as verizon)+Cheaper plans which include sprint TV + GPS and much more, UMM yeah its a no-brainer….EVO is the winner hands down!!!

  30. Northwest Joe says:

    I'd been with Sprint for almost a decade before trying Verizon and the Incredible last month. Wouldn't you know it, in spite of the claims of Big Red, I found that I had gotten better coverage in my area with Sprint. Sooooo…..I went back to Sprint and my old Treo but will be the first in line Friday morning to pick up my new Evo 4G. It's almost a no-brainer: Less expensive plan, better coverage (in my area at least), a better phone and free mobile to any mobile calls.

    Hurry Friday.

  31. JustMeHere says:

    I am waiting for T Mobile multicore Android Sidekick. Now that would be my choice.

    Would never do business with ATT again that's just plain foolish. Sprint and Verizon have one huge technical drawback CDMA can only use the radio for data or voice. So no multitasking while you are talking so Incredible and EVO are out of the question. And yes I've used both, the Incredible is Incredible. The EVO has one huge drawback, switching the MicroSD card is cubersome, its bound to break, and it has happened.

    So if not a Nexus one, A multicore Android would definitely be my choice on a GSM network.

    This works if you live in a metropolitan area, if not Verizon would be a better choice. Speedwise, I pulled out a Samsung Moment and G1 at the Sprint store in Spring Cypress Texas, and even though Sprint personnel argued that Sprint had the fastest network, they were mum when the G1 posted 2.8Mbps and the Moment 1.0 Mpbs in front of their eyes. Their come back, the EVO will blow you away. Well the EVO is 3.9G not 4.0G and its speed when tested against the G1 barely got 2.4mpbs I wonder what would happen if I have a N1 with Froyo 2.2 beside and EVO. Sprint could not claim to be the fastest network. And no, Houston is not yet HPSA+ is just plain but real 3G.

    1. cp716 says:

      how often do you switch out MicroSD cards? the EVO will support a 32GB card, if you need more than that on a regular basis, you might want to think about using a different device than your phone for data intensive jobs.

      Sprint's 4G network will allow you to multitask while talking on the phone. bye bye at&t's only advantage.

  32. Last says:

    People seem to not know that the lcd on the evo is a tft lcd and on the Droid incredible its a Amoled lcd….you guys are like wtf lol…AMOLED makes the screen look A LOT more colorful than a tft…. yea the screen is a bit bigger than the incredible but TRUST ME when I say the evo pictures looks like a washed out version of incredible pictures when put side by side…..that's why I chose the incredible because of such color contrast.

  33. Just switched from iphone to the evo: VERY HAPPY. Great device: you can actually make a phone
    call that sounds CLEAR. Amazing camera (I work as a photographer). Android is a sweet OS…..goooo
    google! The only thing I miss is itunes.

  34. JT15 says:

    Sprint has the cheapest plans that include everything. $70 and you get unlimited data, text, and unlimited mobile to mobile that's not just for people with Sprint. So I can talk to someone that's using AT&T as their carrier on my Sprint cell phone and never use my minutes. Using the HTC Evo 4G will charge an extra $10 per month. Hmm.. still cheaper than any other carrier !

    Oh, and what's up with the Sprint customer service critics? How many times do you ever call up customer service? People are always trying to find something to complain about.

    Lastly, Sprint has great coverage. I've been with them since 2000. Never a problem. Easy choice here: HTV Evo 4G

  35. Eddie says:

    After seeing the iPhone launched at the Apple WWDC on June 7, my choice would be the iPhone 4 by a wide margin. I can see me enjoying owning and using this exquisite phone for a long time. Not only is it packed with state of the art technology, its function and usability is without compromise. In a word this phone is "sexy". WOW!

  36. CP716 says:

    I have been a sprint customer for over a decade now. I’ve been with them through the “dark times” and never had a problem. my phone consistently had service while friends on other carriers were without signal or dropping calls. I have been very happy with their service and never had issues with their customer service either.

    On the topic of phone choices, I waited until the iPhone 4 was announced and then went to my nearest sprint store and bought the EVO. bigger screen vs. higher resolution on the iPhone- why do I need that high res on a phone that is viewed 10″ from my face? it would matter on a TV, but not a phone.

    Face Time? really? this was the big announcement? what about Skype? or Qik? I already have this feature and it works EVERYWHERE, not just in wi-fi. a feature that is limited to people with iPhone 4’s, and only works when both people are in wi-fi areas seems like a very limited usage application and does not even register in my decision process. Might be better if it worked on AT&T’s service (when AT&T’s service works).

    the HD video camera feature- EVO has HD 720P at 24fps iphone has 720P 30fps. EVO has HDMI output to actually USE this feature to watch on something other than the phone itself. One other point, TV’s display pictures in 24fps and require additional technology to reproduce 30fps video correctly. I’ll take real world usability over a higher number anyday. Think 30 megapixel digital camera vs. 14 megapixel digital SLR camera, higher number doesn’t equal better quality or usability.

    there was nothing other than a longer battery life on the iPhone which was a benefit to me. Very easy choice and now I can enjoy all these cool new features the way I want to, and not the way Steve tells me I have to. Just my 2 cents!

  37. Green Warrior says:

    HTC EVO rocks. Have not experienced the battery issues i've been reading about, but i followed the advice of a few 'tips' for battery conservation and apparently they work. I have to disagree with the comments within this blog that coverage is not good. Yes, i've had calls dropped before while traveling through the mountains of Colorado, but have not experienced a time where i could not get a signal to make a call. Can't beat the price compared to other carriers.

  38. Jlaw says:

    Can you surf the web or text someone while listening to music or talking with someone with the EVO? I believe you can do this with the Iphone. Also, how is the three-way calling with the EVO?

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