iPhone 4G Videos: The Great Hype and Build Up

The new iPhone 4G is coming, its getting close my friends and we call it the great hype and awesome build up to one of the most anticipated smartphones ever.

Now we will not be biased even though we love the iPhone and what it is capable of, of course there are other handsets out there knocking on the door of this new iPhone and they would have to be the HTC Incredible, HTC EVO 4G and a few more, but we have mentioned this before so will not bore you any longer.

We have talked about specifications, WWDC 2010 and of course release dates, even down to the new Verizon iPhone CDMA version, well now we want to show you three videos that may tickle your fancy.

Our favourite video would have to be the third one by nickgalena because it is pure quality of what the new iPhone 4G is expected to look like, the first and second video is via mainguyenluxury, so a quick thanks to them.

We will bring you much more news on this new upcoming smartphone from Apple, WWDC 2010 starts June 7 and runs up until June 11 so surely we will here a lot more about it when this event kicks off.

In the meantime whilst you wait take a little look at the videos below and do have your say in the comments area provided below. Enjoy

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