Can iPhone 4G Surpass HTC Droid Incredible Popularity?

For quite some time Apple has managed to grab a huge following with their iconic iPhone and most of that following are loyal when it comes to purchasing a new smartphone and will often stick with the iPhone, but as time rolls on sooner or later someone is going to come out with a better device that is the natural way of things.

A close rival to the iPhone popularity wise is the Android platform with numerous Android based handset surfacing in quick succession and all hope to challenge that iPhone supremacy. A short while ago I posted an article that has Gartner stating Android has beaten Apple in North America and will catch the iPhone globally soon, you can read that post (here)

Of course the latest popularity catching smartphone packing the Android operating system is the much talked about HTC Droid Incredible which is on the Big Red network and according to our recent post which can be found (here) the HTC Droid Incredible is so popular that Verizon is having difficulty with stock.

The rage with the HTC Droid Incredible has reached somewhat of a high as it is now available, but there is a heavy challenger waiting in the wings to pull all eyes away from the Droid Incredible and hopefully surpass its popularity.

Of course I am speaking about the much hyped and extensively leaked and covered since the iPhone 4G Gizmodo Scandal, the upcoming Apple jewel in the crown, the iPhone 4G, or iPhone HD, or whichever you deem to call it.

There has been much speculation and anticipation over the iPhone 4G with specifications being quoted as a 3.5 inch display with LED backlit glossy widescreen multi-touch along with FFS and IPS tech, fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating, a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and HD 720p video recording along with a front facing 2 megapixel camera with iChat support and an Apple A4 1GHz SOC processor and more which can be viewed (here)

If the specs are true with the iPhone 4G, and the expected although unconfirmed release date being during WWDC 2010 along with the much wanted Verizon iPhone as reported (here) it will easily rival the HTC Droid Incredible and the soon to be released Sprint HTC EVO 4G.

Considering the vast dedicated iPhone fan base out there the question we are asking is somewhat of a forgone conclusion I would think, but nevertheless we’ll ask it anyway and that question is can the iPhone 4G surpass the HTC Droid Incredible in popularity? We’d like to hear your opinions so feel free to drop us your views in the comments area below.


8 thoughts on “Can iPhone 4G Surpass HTC Droid Incredible Popularity?”

  1. xtantus says:

    when iphone comes to verizon. i'm sure that it will surpass all phone sales.. most of us have been just sitting here waiting for it.. and i wont go to at&t to get it.. they totally suck as a carrier. you may not believe me now. but you just wait and see..

  2. Joanne says:

    as long as IPhone is on AT&T there is 0 chance of getting it. The most important part of using a phone is connecting the call and AT&T is notorious for dropping calls and phone not ringing. I know, I had them and I live in a big city so there is no excuse. Function is more important to me.

  3. Helipal says:

    I'm planning on purchasing a 4g Iphone this Augest when my 2 yr contract is up – I was skeptical of apple for years, but after having a 3G for 2 years now, I'm an apple beliver. It's all about the user experiance – and the fact everthing works from the jump with no problems. The small price you pay for having to interact through I-tunes is offset by the trouble free operation, ease of use, and an app stone that has something useful for everyone. Since I'm in the northeast, ATT has not been a problem – But it's good to hear Verison may be getting into the act so there's compitition on features and services.

  4. Tim says:

    I'm not changing my iPhone for the other ones because one… I would lose all the apps I bought and two…I already know how the iPhone works and the apple support is awesome. I'll get the iPhone 4g

  5. LYoung says:

    I would never change from the iPhone, I changed from Verizon years ago even before the iPhone because of the awful customer service and overpriced plans. Verizon has always played catch up with their phone models, they are always second rate. I am very happy to see them getting their act together and getting something somewhat comperable to the iPhone. As far as switching to Verizon for the iPhone it will never happen for me. This whole debate between HTC droid technology and the iPhone, can go on forever just like the debate between apple and windows, apple users don't like windows and windows users don't like apple, this will be a similar debate because unless you understand how great the apple technology is there is no way of understanding.

  6. Ken says:

    After all the years of saying that I would never get a Mac; I have decided that my next computer will be a Mac. That is because I have an Iphone. The Iphone always works. You can't say that for my PC. I am done with the Microsoft sham. You better go buy some Apple stock, because if they can convert me they are going to be flooded with conversions. I can't wait to be done with Microsoft anything.
    Apple Lover

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