iPhone 4G Unlock and Jailbreak: How long before we see this?

The new Apple iPhone 4G or HD is the name, hopefully it will launch at WWDC 2010 from June 7 with its release date to follow soon after (Fingers crossed).

Now we all know that the iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS have been successfully unlocked and this is why we are asking how long will it take for some bright spark to do the same with the upcoming iPhone 4G.

We have asked a question before asking if Limera1n can jailbreak the iPhone OS 4.0, and we also mentioned that there is a new iPhone OS 4.0 Redsn0w 0.9.5b2 Jailbreak Bug Fix Available, there are so many ways to jailbreak an iphone and its operating system.

If the iPhone 4G does release soon, how long after its release date will someone unlock it?


11 thoughts on “iPhone 4G Unlock and Jailbreak: How long before we see this?”

  1. jon the bomb says:

    in my eyes i think the people who make the jailbreak an unlock is a genious whats wrong with ur option of how u run the iphone yah u may have signed turms an restrictions but whats the deal its just allowing users as r selfs to be able to run a iphone like a andriod interface multitaskting for iphone is going toi be the biggest improvement an if they come out with a jailbreak an unlock for it then why both making iphones for other carriers apple should just work with the people who design it. they could make a bunch of money… i mean u have people designing them but if a hackers can go around it then. they arnt the smartest people working for u….. limera1n.com should be able to do both an at the raight they r doing such before even released they should have it the day it release or they could be sitting on it now since they did figure out how to unlock 3.1.3 but never released it since os 4.0 is coming o so soon an why let something out when u have a big update that will change the iphone for ever in such a great manner im all about jailbreaking an unlocking…… apple should have never signed contract with apple they should have been free users to either gsm users t-mobile or at&t thats my idea… they would still make money an they should worry about tryin to make iphone for en-vo users such as sprint an verison…… this is my conclustion to it all

  2. Wahaib says:

    I have seen JailBroken Iphone (iOS 4.0.1) works perfect with ultrasnow 1.0-1 (Perfect 100% unlocked) but i am also using it in my Car equiped with Kenwood KVT614 dvd Receiver & KCA-BT200 Blue tooth, al though it works fine but some functions are not working, such as Re-Dail, and incoming call log, other wise phone book sync works fine.

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