Nokia N900 Running Android, More Video Footage

A while ago we posted a video of the Nokia N900 dual booting Maemo and Android, you can view that particular video, if you haven’t already done so (here). Well we now have a couple more videos for your viewing pleasure.

The videos which can be viewed below come courtesy of Jay Montano over at My Nokia Blog, and are parts one and three, I’m not too sure what’s happen to part two but there you go. Anyway, the two videos show the Android operating system running on the Nokia N900 smartphone.

The first video has a running time of just over six and three-quarter minutes while the second video or part three as the case may be lasts almost seven minutes delivering a total Android Nokia N900 viewing time of approximately fourteen minutes.

Of course rather than me writing out all the juicy details of the videos and what can be seen it is far better for you to skip past what I have said and mash the play buttons and enjoy some Android goodness on the Nokia N900…enjoy.

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