Android 2.2 vs. iPhone Safari vs. Opera Mobile 10 Speed Comparison Video

During Google I/O 2010, Google announced their latest Android operating system, Android 2.2 Froyo and along with said announcement made quite bold claims that Android 2.2 has the fastest web browser of any other smartphone platform.

Quite a bold claim indeed which obviously needs putting to the test, and Brandon Miniman over at Pocket Now is the guy to put that claim to the test and placed Android 2.2 on the Nexus One up against Safari on the iPhone and Opera Mobile 10 on the HTC HD2 in a comparison video.

So how did Froyo do against Safari and Opera Mobile 10? Well if I told you that there would be no point in watching the video comparison we have for your viewing pleasure below which lasts almost eleven and a half minutes.

In the video they also speak about Flash 10.1 beta and show some of that goodness going on as well, also apparently Brandon was asked to redo the test without Flash 10.1 being installed, which he says he will do at a later date…enjoy.


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  1. Milind says:

    Instead of uninstalling flash, you could enable it "On Demand".

    In the Browser's Settings panel, tap "Enable plug-ins." Choose "On demand,". Now, when you visit a page with Flash content you have to tap it to activate the Flash plug-in.

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