HTC EVO 4G Rooted Before Release

Although the first smartphone to be able to surf a 4G network isn’t quite in public hands just yet, during the Google I/O 2010 conference, Google did hand out the HTC EVO 4G smartphone to attendees, meaning developers got hold of the device early.

Well now according to Kusum Pugalia over at Gadgets n Reviews, developer Matthew Mastracci and a couple of mates decided to hack the HTC EVO 4G and apparently after a couple of hours managed to root the device.

Word is they were successful in rooting the WiMAX HTC EVO 4G and “managed to get the standard su tool installed,” leading the way for more possible hacks.

If true and the HTC EVO 4G was indeed hacked and rooted in a couple of hours then there seems to be loopholes in the security of the operating system which allows the hacking of the device will relatively little effort.

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