Betfair iPhone App: First betting application going live today

The world’s first ever iPhone betting app is going live today on Apple’s Apple Store, welcome to the world of Betfair. At last it seems Apple has passed this app and today is the day we will all get to see it.

Just want to say thanks to Siliconrepublic.com for the update, they say that this is the first established betting company to release a sports betting App on the platform. The question is “How popular will it be?

This app on the Apple iPhone will be very easy to use and will allow customers to place bets with ease and of course as simply as possible, the application also uses GPS to locate and verify a customer’s location before they are permitted to bet.

We just visit minibetapp.com and they seem to have the app located on their site, it says Minibet puts Betfair on your Apple iPhone and it will be coming to the App Store soon.

Main features of this app includes: Bet on any Betfair market, Back or Lay bets on your iPhone, Check your account status, Easy to use and Fast over Wi-Fi, 3G or Edge. Please do let us know as soon as this app goes live and of course if you will be installing it on your iPhone.


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