iPhone 4G ipud Search Engine Alternative to Google’s Evil Actions?

There have been rumours in the past that due to the growing animosity between Apple and Google that Apple is looking for their own search engine for their products such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad and such.

Well according to an article over on BBspot by Brian Briggs, iPhone Guru Steve Jobs has announced the Apple search engine at ipud.com via an email which was made public by Frank Delahunt who contacted Jobs about search engine choice.

Delahunt’s email was apparently answered by Apple’s top guy himself who states…”Thanks for being a loyal customer. We have been working on an alternative to Google as our customers have become more concerned with the company’s evil actions. It has not been opened to the public yet, but keep an eye on ipud.com for an alternative search engine that will keep you free from porn, and sites that don’t meet the approval of Apple.”

The email was ended with “Please keep this email private, as we don’t want to alert Google or the press to our intentions.”

Bob Scroggins, a search engine expert from ipucwatch.com has apparently said that a search engine which only has Apple approved sites would be a “big boon” to Apple and its users. He also guessed that Apple would only index about 3 percent of the net due to Jobs approving each website personally.

Furthermore Scroggins wouldn’t be surprised if iPud was the default search engine on the new iPhone 4G handset and that all trace of Google applications are removed.


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