iPhone 4G Steve Job Surprise, what he needs to do!

WWDC 2010 will have Steve Jobs on stage giving us a few surprises, what they will be is beyond us but it has to be something special for Apple fans to stay loyal.

We mentioned earlier that Mr Jobs will be delivering the keynote on June 7 and he really needs to pull something out of the bag to excite all of us that have been waiting patiently for the new iPhone 4G / HD.

Steve Jobs said, ”You won’t be disappointed” well what can we expect to hear that will not disappoint us then? Below are a few things we would like to hear about at the event, if any of these or all of them are mentioned then we would all be very happy indeed.

First up of course is the announcement of the next-generation iPhone, we would love for Steve Jobs to announce this with its official name, we all know it as the iPhone 4G or HD, if the smartphone does debut on June 7th then we would love to hear features such as a front-facing camera with video-conferencing (iChat or something), of course we would like to see a better main camera with LED flash and auto-focus to boot.

We know that iPhone OS 4.0 is coming but no release date as of yet, would be nice to know the official release date and if the new iPhone 4G / HD is launched will it come equipped with the new operating system or will we have to wait for download.

Shall we go a little crazy; how about a touch-sensitive back panel, that would put a little mix into the bag, all the hype about the Gizmodo iPhone prototype and of course the white version via Apple.pro has blown us all away and we love the new design (Or maybe you do not), now would it not be mind blowing if that was not the design at all and they reveal a whole new design, this new prototype we have seen could have been a massive publicity stunt to create a massive build-up.

How bad will it be if Steve Jobs does not announce the new iPhone at all, maybe it will not get a mention; ok it is a crazy thought but how would you feel if there is no new launch at all. This year could be all about the new Apple iPad, iPhone OS 4 and the possibility for the long-awaited Verizon iPhone.

So a quick list of what we want Steve Jobs:

  • 1. New iPhone Launch
  • 2. We want to hear what the real iPhone name is
  • 3. What is the real design, is the one we are seeing all over the web the final design?
  • 4. What features will it have
  • 5. iPhone OS 4 Release Date
  • 6. iPhone 4G / HD Release Date
  • 7. Launch of the Verizon iPhone

If you want to ask Steve Jobs a question why not do so below in the comments area provided below, we could talk about this new iPhone all day long but then it starts to get boring. So what are your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “iPhone 4G Steve Job Surprise, what he needs to do!”

  1. Luuuke says:

    For The Past 6-7 Months i have been looking every where for the iphone 4g new's i was due an upgraded the other day, but i think i'm going to wait and see. I was wondering if you weather it will be coming to t-mobile in the uk ? CAN NOT WAIT FOR 7th!!!!!!

  2. Rhys Forrest says:

    I love the Images of the Proposed Iphone!! i have been waiting ever so paitently for it to come! i do hope it gets a mention!!
    what i would love to see on the new iphone Was Dual Sim! so if i get out of signal on one Sim i can be coverd By Another Network! such as here >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual_SIM
    i know apple would never go for this idea but be great if they did!
    and a stylus wouldnt go a miss as i have rather large fingers!

  3. Gianni says:

    I think it will not be a single model, but a lineup. It’s a obvious response to the multiple offer from Android. It s marketing good rule:many crazy will buy all of them, but it s a departure from totalitarian view of S. Job

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