Nokia Ovi Maps v3.04 Released for Download

The Ovi Maps firmware has now received a update from Nokia taking the version to 3.04 and delivers several new features along with offering a faster user experience, and delivers in excess of 2 million kilometres of extra road globally.

According to the article by Mikey bee over on NokNok, the latest additions found in Nokia Ovi Maps v3.04 includes mapping of Iceland, Kenya, Malta and the Azores, along with 281 3D landmarks and an extra 25 million points of interest.

Furthermore Ovi Maps 3.04 now included support for 46 languages and 77 countries and also when you download and install Ovi Maps 3.04 you will find search and WiFi positioning is a great deal faster while maintaining a signal in low signal areas is smoother.

Nokia Ovi Maps v3.04 is available for download right now from the Nokia Ovi Maps website or can be downloaded direct to your Nokia handset. Of course if you do download and install Nokia Ovi9 Maps v3.04, feel free to drop us your comments on how you get along.


One thought on “Nokia Ovi Maps v3.04 Released for Download”

  1. craig says:

    im a brit living in iceland, came back to the uk last month and traded my n96 for an x6 so i could use ovi maps for free. anyway i never tried it in england but here its useless :/ me and my wife just put it on for humour in the car because i cant help laughing everytime it tells me to take a left or a right in the most dangerous places, some times it works but is always 5 or 600 m ahead so by the time you get to the turn it tells you to take it gives up and starts trying to recalculate route ??? anyway this is free and provides me with light entertainment on long journeys, tend to just listen to my wife as she is from here and knows her way round ;o)

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