New Apple iPhone could threaten Google in June says Jobs

Steve Jobs is at it again with his short and very much to the point emails, and the latest is on Google. In relation to the coming iPhone 4.

In a recent article over at simbasics.co.uk by we can now share those very important words of confidence from Mr Jobs with you. It came as a reply to a MacRumours forum string which was based around Google’s Android Froyo update announcement.

The message directed at Jobs was asked which said “I hope you have some good WWDC announcements to blow Google out of the water” the reply which came back from Jobs was quite simply “you wont be disappointed“.

We are expecting Apple to keep with tradition and therefore suspect that the iPhone 4 will be announced on June 7th and Jobs seems to believe confidently that this is something to blow Google out of the water.

Although previous announcements on the iPhone OS 4.0 haven’t been that ground breaking, it does appear that Apple are holding things back to be revealed shortly on June 7th. Some have said that is seems apparent now that Apple are recognising the threat of Google’s Android OS rather than seeing it as another operating system.

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