HTC Desire great contract deals in UK

There are now some really great contract deals available now for the HTC Desire which are available in the UK on a range of different networks.

A recent article by Derrick Johnson over at ukpressreleases.co.uk via mobilerainbow.co.uk gives us further details on what is available and with who. The 6 different networks are Orange, Vodafone, Three, 02, Virgin and also T Mobile.

The HTC Desire is a handset that has been receiving the same amount of popularity from the time it came to the market. The various networks are all providing cheap rates on the handset to keep the popularity up there.

With Virgin you can get the Desire for £25 per month with a two year contract with a free 1GB memory card with it. On Three you can get it for just £17 per month on a one year contract and on 02 you can grab the device for £285. The HTC Desire has a 5 megapixel camera and a huge 3.7 inch display.

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