iPhone 4G Worldwide Boycott Push by Hong Kong Activists

Foxconn and the situation over suicides is something that needs to be sorted, as another youth plunged to his death as reported earlier (here), and it looks like these deaths are about to cause a huge pain for Apple and the iPhone 4G.

According to an article over on SMH, labour activists in Hong Kong are planning to begin a global boycott of the next generation iPhone which is currently being called the iPhone 4G as a result of the Foxconn suicides due to Foxconn manufacturing the Apple device.

On Tuesday outside thee Hong Kong office of Taiwan based Foxconn, two dozen demonstrators protested and called for Foxconn to improve working conditions at their plant in Shenzhen, and said the company should probe into the reasons for the suicides.

Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour, spokesperson Debby Chan spoke to AFP saying “The reason we’re staging the protest is the high death rate due to some workers committing suicide within five months, which we think is abnormal. Foxconn should evaluate its management style…. We strongly urge Foxconn to start a committee to look into the reasons they died.”

Chan further stated that the planned boycott would more than likely kick off before the release of the new iPhone 4G which is expected next month at WWDC 2010 and will also target another Apple supplier United Win technology.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4G Worldwide Boycott Push by Hong Kong Activists”

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    1. Tom Anthony Ashley Mellor says:

      youve contradicted yourself too many times in that statement for it to be true

      dont forget

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