Mi-Q+, Mi-Q1, Mi-Q5 Low Cost Qwerty Mobile Phones Introduced by Mi-Fone

Mi-Fone has now announced the launch of a new range of mobile phones known as the Mi-Q range and is a selection of low cost QWERTY handsets with a quality “competitive to the BlackBerry” along with being “affordable and stylish.”

According to Tarun PK over at Telecomtalk, the newly introduced mobile phone range from Mi-Fone includes three new handsets, the Mi-Q+, the Mi-Q1 and the Mi-Q5.

Spec wise the Mi-Q+ is a bottom end basic handset sporting a QWERTY keypad, torchlight, FM radio, the ability to send and receive MMS and SMS, WAP 2.0, and has GPRS Class 10.

The Mi-Q1 features GPRS, MMS, WAP, MP3 player and video capabilities, up to 1GB memory capability and is a dual-SIM phone targeted towards the young Indian as a way to counteract high-cost calls.

Lastly is the Mi-Q5, which features all of the specs as the other two handsets but adds Bluetooth and is capable of running Java apps and social networking apps for MSN, Facebook and the like, and also has memory card expansion.

The Mi-Q ranged of affordable mobile phones are prices at 3399 for the Mi-Q1, 2500 for the Mi-Q= and 3399 for the Mi-Q5 and all are available via Aditva Birla Store and Home Shop 18 Networks.


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