Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 Promo Video

For your viewing pleasure today we have a video promo of Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 that delivers an overview of the usability of Office Mobile 2010 on your Windows Phone and bringing your office data into the mobile arena.

The Office Mobile 2010 promo video comes to us courtesy of Surur over at wmpoweruser and lasts just over three minutes in which we gain some input about Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 from the product manager of Microsoft Office, Dev Balasubramanuan,

Microsoft certainly wants to big up Office Mobile 2010 and has roped in others such as RE/MAX Excalibur realtor Kris Anderson, Microsoft Mobile Communications Senior Product Manager Augusto Valdez, and the vice president of ESeries market at Nokia, Ilari Nurmi.

Anyway, if you have a Windows Phone 6.5 and are thinking about downloading Office Mobile 2010 from the Marketplace, this video may help you make up your mind. So head on down, mash the play button and enjoy.

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