Orange UK Own Brand Android Phones Target Mid-range Segment

If you are on the lookout for a reasonably low priced Android mobile phone in the UK you might want to keep an eye on Orange as they are about to launch own brand smartphones on the Android platform at a low price targeting the mid-range market.

According to an article over on Mobile Today, Orange UK will be launching a Huawei built Android device in June, and another Android smartphone from ZTE in August across Europe with £100 price points. Furthermore more Android smartphones will follow this year with up to 4 in the United Kingdom.

Patrick Remy, the devices chief for Orange has said that the devices will initially be Orange branded, but later in the year will feature ‘grade A’ smartphone makers such as LG.

Apparently in 2009 15 percent of all devices were smartphones and will double this year to a third of devices and is expected to grow to 50 percent by 2013 with ‘affordable’ smartphones driving the growth said Remy while adding “One of the key elements for success is we have not compromised on the quality. We are working on a handset for the UK — this will launch in summer.”

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