T Mobile have upset AT&T with their alleged deceptive advertising

AT&T are very upset with T Mobile in what they feel is disingenuous and deceptive advertising. Recently Verizon had aired a range of advertisements which belittled AT&T’s coverage and even by changing the iPhone’s slogan from There’s an app for that to There’s a map for that.

As a result AT&T sued Verizon, lost and eventually after Verizon stopped airing the ads AT&T quietened down. Now it would seem according to a recent article over at dailytech.com by Jason Mick, it appears that AT&T have a new target which is T Mobile.

The problem surrounds T Mobile’s HSPA + publicity campaign. For those of you that are a little unclear basically the HSPA+ is an advanced wireless technology which is designed primarily to deliver faster download speeds over the traditional 3G. Not quite the 4G technology whereas WiMAX, UMB and LTE are what is known as true 4G options.

It is however more advanced than the traditional 3G, and works on existing 3G networks but only requires a relatively simple firmware update to towers in most cases. T Mobile have been spreading HSPA+ coverage across the North-eastern United States and now claims it is delivering 4G speeds. AT&T believe that the statements from T Mobile are misinformation which is intended to fool news writers and consumers. AT&T Mobility spokesperson Seth Bloom stated that companies need to be careful not to mislead customers by labelling HSPA+ as a 4G technology.

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