iPhone 4G Q and A With Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

As WWDC 2010 comes closer the rumours of the iPhone 4G are rife on the net waves, some of those rumours will no doubt turn out to be true while others will fall by the wayside. Today and article was published which takes a look at iPhone 4G rumours and facts and we have what was revealed below.

Apparently Digitimes Research senior analyst Ming-Chi Kuo can answer some of the questions over the iPhone 4G although one has to remember that this is Digitimes and they are only one analyst’s views and are not solid fact.

On the question of the iPhone 4G leaked by Gizmodo being the real thing and if it will be the same device introduced at WWDC 2010, Ming-Chi Kuo say he believes so or it will be “very similar,” and has a tag of ‘N90’. Furthermore apparently Apple has another product codenamed N91 which will offer “less change” from previous iPhone units and is there in case there are delays with the iPhone 4G.

On the question of iPhone 4G display support, the analyst says display resolution is critical due to app developers and the App Store and if Apple changes the resolution in every new handset it makes life very difficult as apps would need to be adjusted for graphic quality. Apple has stuck with the same resolution since 2007 so any upgrade to resolution in the iPhone 4G would need to be significant to maintain minimal modifications for the next 2 to 3 years.

Ming-Chi Kuo also says that the iPhone 4G will come with in-pane switching (IPS) panel with fringe-field switching (FFS) that offers a wider view angle and delivers a lower battery consumption which is an attempt by Apple to “strengthen the iPhone’s e-book reader functionality.”

So why has Apple opted for AMOLED panels, well “according to sources” Apple first spoke to Samsung about AMOLED panels when developing the iPhone 3GS but there are cost issues to consider and with Apple pushing e-reading, AMOLED may not be the best solution at the moment.

The iPhone 4G may pack an A4 processor the same as the iPad, which Apple said is an in-house development but is actually a joint development with Samsung and Intrinisty with the majority of the tech being supplied by Samsung and as Samsung’s Cortex A9 multi-core processor isn’t scheduled until the end of the year, the A4 is the most likely processor for the iPhone 4G.

So what about those rumoured 24 million iPhone 4G shipments this year? Ming-Chi Kuo says he was referring to shipments from manufacturer and not Apple sales, but adds that based on data from component suppliers’ shipments of 24 million is possible but would translate to 18 to 20 million units sold in 2010, and all 24 million units will be put together by Foxconn.

The analyst’s final thoughts on the iPhone 4G is that Apple has been planning the iPhone 4G since 2008 and he wouldn’t be surprised if Apple has more advanced products planned for 2012 and further.

So there you have it, but remember this is only one analyst’s views and some of those are based solely on “according to sources” so could well be completely wrong. The biggest question which wasn’t commented on though was will we see the iPhone 4G at WWDC 2010?

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