Flash on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad: How Too Get It Video

The battle between Apple and Adobe over Flash continues and it is highly doubtful Apple will ever allow Adobe Flash onto their products such as the iconic iPhone, iPod Touch and the Apple iPad.

However apparently just because Apple doesn’t want you to have Flash on your iPhone and the like, doesn’t mean you have to go without as according to Technobuffalo there is a way and has delivered a how too video for your viewing pleasure.

Apparently this is accomplished by a free application known as CloudBrowse which remotely accesses a shared web browser that enables the user to view nearly all Flash content on the internet, although apparently video playback is “stuttery” and not all flash based games work as well.

The How Too video lasts almost seven and a half minutes and shows how to use flash on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad by using the CludBrowse app, and although not the perfect solution, does work…enjoy.

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