WebOS Man, Matias Duarte Leaves Palm Possibly for Google

Matias Duarte, you may or may not have heard of the guy but apparently he’s considered the driving force behind Palm’s mobile phone operating system, webOS, and apparently Duarte has now ditched Palm.

According to an Engadget article by Joshua Topolsky, Matias Duarte who was Senior Director of Human Interface and User Experience has left Palm and is possibly heading for Google.

Apparently Palm has confirmed the departure of Duarte but aren’t forthcoming with any info as to where he may be going, but according to John Paczkowski of Allthingsd, “multiple sources” say Duarte is headed for the Google camp.

Word has it Duarte will be working on Android which could mean sorting some of the user interface issues the mobile operating system has been suffering, although nothing has been confirmed other than Duarte has moved on from Palm.

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