Mozilla Firefox Home iPhone Release Soon: It’s Not a Browser!

At last some real evidence of Mozilla Firefox coming to the Apple iPhone soon, the new iPhone app will be called ‘Firefox Home’ and should be released onto the App Store very soon.

Erictric reported this news via Engadget and has said that it is not actually a browser, it will sync with desktop browser and have some cool features like an “Awesome Bar” (This is what Mozilla calls it) that will allow users to search history, bookmarks and so much more.

This new app will be called “Firefox Home” as stated above and according to the Mozilla Blog it will be very useful indeed, some cool features include: If you are on your desktop and have tabs open you can start where you left off on your iPhone and access what you had open.

You can use the Awesome Bar for anything you want like directions to a restaurant or confirmation code for your flight etc, just type away, if you have visited a website many times you will not have to type the URL fully, it will remember what you have typed before.

Please watch the video demonstration below and let us know what your thoughts are, would you use the new Mozilla Firefox Home?

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