Verizon iPhone Would Mean Mass Defection from AT&T Says Analyst

The calls for Apple to deliver a CDMA version iPhone to the Verizon network have been around for ages, many want to have an iPhone they could use on the Big Red rather than be forced to go with the Big Blue. However word has it that due to AT&T gaining an exclusivity extension over the iPhone the Verizon iPhone won’t appear soon.

Maybe AT&T garnered that extension because they know many of their customers would defect to Verizon once they gain the iPhone even though AT&T boss Ralph De La Vega says he isn’t worried about the repercussions of the iPhone going with Verizon.

However, perhaps the Big Blue should be concerned as according to an article by Kevin Schram over on Nexus404 by way of the guys over at Intomobile, a report by Davenport & Company analyst Drake Johnstone has it that AT&T stands to lose a hefty 40 percent of their iPhone toting customers to the Big Red if the Verizon iPhone ever comes about.

According to Johnstone over the past few years AT&T has stated 40 percent of their new iPhone users came from rival carriers, and the analyst estimates as of Q1 2010 AT&T has 15 million iPhone customers and further believes the Big Blue would see up to six million of those customers defect when Verizon gains the iPhone in 2011.

The analyst also predicts that if the Verizon iPhone appears in 2011, the quantity of new customers to AT&T will fall from 8 million way down to 2 million. Something for De La Vega to be mildly concerned about I would have though.

So as there are no doubt some of our readers owning an iPhone with AT&T, would you defect to the Big Red if the Verizon iPhone appears or would you remain loyal to AT&T?

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