AT&T MobileProtect Insurance for iPhone

AT&T are intending to introduce a new MobileProtect Insurance plan for iPhone owners alongside Apple’s iPhone 4 next due to be released in June.

The new Apple iPhone is expected to be released on June 6th and the $13.99 Insurance plan must be purchased within 30 days of you making your purchase of the new phone. It comes with a deductible $99 to $199 depending on which model you decide to purchase according to a recent article from Ionut Arghire over at softpedia.com via BoyGeniusReport.

Some have said that this does seem rather expensive when you take into account what the cost of a new plan free iPhone will cost. The new insurance will be run by a company called Asurison and is all set apparently to become available through Apple’s App Store.

The requirements of the plan include that customers will sign up within 30 days of either upgrading to the new iPhone of purchasing one, according to the documents which have leaked this information the US provider of wireless services is launching this service due to the lack of iPhone insurance which is currently a leading concern of customer iPhone related complaints.


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  1. ChavezD says:

    Buying your iPhone at BESTBUY would be the best option….They are a auth dealer and know the stuff around the i iphone…..PLUSE THEY HAVE GSBTP ON IPHONES!!!! 14.99 a month cancell when ever you want and also NO DEDUCTABLE!!! they cover water damage and accidental (running it over with your car), even the battery. But it does not cover lost or stolen ….yet. They even provide u with a loaner phone while waiting to recive ur new iphone from GSBTP. I think they were the only peeps that had any protection on the iiPhone till this…Highly recommended Thank you

  2. Be prepared to spend hours trying to get your iphone covered through MobileProtect. The process is complex and time consuming especially when the high tech process that is required fails to work as it usually does. Forget the "get started" button on their web site. It will bring up a spinning wheel and the message, "checking eligibility" but after several hours , it will still be checking. And if you are new to the Iphone technology and don't fully understand how to sync it with itunes and don't fully know how to locate and download apps, forget it. You will not get this done. Apparently it didn't occur to Assurian that people might not be technology wizards when they first acquire their first iphone and want to simply insure it. They have no normal option to simply complete and enrollment form and sign on and submit payment. Another example of the techno nerds failing to come down to the level of the average consumer.

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