HTC & Sprint to launch EVO 4G best Smartphone of the world currently

HTC and Sprint are about to launch the best Smartphone of the world some would say anyway. We still don’t know for sure what Apple are going to release as most is based on rumours.

But with Sprint and HTC having the ability to carry the EVO 4G for the last week is would seem with out any doubt that this is the best handset yet. A recent report over at latestngadgets.com from Alex John gives us more information.

The Evo 4G as we know is based on the Google Android operating system and for those that didn’t know it is blessed with having two cameras. An 8 megapixel camera on the rear which would be used for usual pictures and the there is a front side camera which can be used for video chat.

Currently Sprint are offering 4G in Baltimore, Las Vegas, Ore and some other markets and the carrier we hear is also thinking about releasing in other areas which may include the Bay Area.

The HTC EVO 4G is enabled with both GPS and also Google maps like most other Android handsets but also is available with Gmail as well as some other Google services. It comes with HTC Sense user interface with some additional features.

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