HTC EVO 4G Sprint stores to open earlier on June 4th

Sprint is all set to make the HTC EVO 4G available as we know for June 4th and not surprisingly they are already preparing for the big event.

The latest buzz around is that the company is shipping HTC EVO 4G units to their stores all around the country with the intention according to Ionut Arghire at softpedia.com of being able to open their locations a little earlier on that day.

The HTC EVO 4G is said to be one of the best devices that Sprint will be bringing to the market packed with Google’s Android 2.1 operating system and the device offers both 3G and also 4G connectivity options. Users can look forward to much faster download speeds in those areas that have WiMAX availability.

It is anticipated that most of the stores will actually be open hours earlier than originally anticipated as they are expecting a large gathering from those eagerly waiting to get there hands on this amazing device.

Since last week those interested have been able to reserve a unit from either Best Buy or Radio Shack and it is hoped that Sprint will experience a big hit with the release of the handset as sadly the last big launch the Palm Pre failed to deliver what was expected.

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