HTC Droid Incredible Shipments Delayed Again but Device Gets Rooted

As reported a few days back, the Big Red is finding it difficult to keep up with demand for the HTC Droid Incredible and thus shipments have been pushed back to June 22nd as mentioned (here)

However, a delayed shipment of the HTC Droid Incredible by Verizon isn’t the big news here as according to an article over on Droid Dog by John Walton by way of AllDroid, the HTC Droid Incredible has now been rooted.

Of course the rooting of the device now means the flood gates are open to a deluge of hackers to gain access to controls and functions which are normally protected from the basic average smartphone users.

With the rooting of the HTC Droid Incredible it is the first step in adding additional hacks to the device although so far no instructions have been posted, but no doubt performance and battery tweaks are on their way along with a cooked ROM at some stage.

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