New iPhone 4G to be as successful as 2 million iPads in two months?

There really is no question to be answered when it comes to has the iPad been a success so far or not, with a recent report over at intomobile.com by Marin Perez which confirms that Apple have sold more than two million iPads in under 60 days.

This new milestone follows on from last month when the company had announced the selling of 1 million iPads this is truly impressive especially when you consider that the device has only just started to ship internationally.

Apple are extremely good at marketing products so it didn’t come as too much of a surprise when Apple announced the success but it does seem that there are more and more people liking the iPad and putting in their orders.

The question is though, just how successful can Apple be with their new iPhone which we are all eagerly waiting some definite news on hopefully we should be able to have something other than just rumours for you shortly.

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