Apple iPhone or BlackBerry for business travellers?

As we know BlackBerry Smartphones are still very much attached to the business travellers although having said that it seems that dues to the current trends of Apple iPhones are making the iPhone as great alternative.

A recent article by Chelsea Emery at edmontonjournal.com explains in more detail. A drug making company AstraZeneca Plc has begun iPhone trials with their senior executives and as we know British bank Standard Chartered has also given its corporate BlackBerry users the option of changing from their BlackBerry to an iPhone which could have an end result of thousands of bankers switching to the Apple iPhone for their business on the move. We covered that story here in case you missed it.

Michael Reid AstraZeneca’s mobility architect has commented that in terms of consuming his time it is the number of requests he receives in relation to support in the United States and Asia Pacific for the iPhone.

The demands increased particularly in late December as many employees received iPhones as Christmas gifts. The BlackBerry does remain the dominant and Blackberry shipments did outpace that of the iPhone shipments by 20% in the first quarter of the year.

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